OUR SELECTION OF SUMMER SHIRTS OUR SELECTION OF SUMMER SHIRTS A huge subject of the wardrobe, the shirt is one of the key pieces of a dressing room, whether male or female. A shirt can indeed be quite formal or conversely, casual. The materials are certainly for a lot, between linen, poplin, cotton or denim but it is also necessary to take particular care in the selection of the cut. Depending on the material of your shirt, the cut will make all the elegance. The choice of collar, color, pattern or not, opacity are criteria that must be taken into account depending on the type of shirt you want to wear and the desired style. With the arrival of the beautiful days, the shirt is on the front of the scene. We are going to present you our different types of summer shirts whether you are looking for a light shirt for a formal occasion or a casual shirt for a sunny day. We have taken care to offer you a variety of options that reflect the different worlds within Graduate. Read more
summer pants for men summer pants for men That's it, summer is coming and so is the heat. Although the shorts are an argument of authority during this period it does not mean that we must neglect the pants. Whether you're a man or a woman, there are a multitude of them to sport different looks. Whether you are more into comfort with a lazy pant or in the chic with a dressy pant, you will find your happiness. Take also note that the choice of the fabric and the material is essential to be at ease in any circumstance, then privilege the linen, the cotton or the virgin wool and you will have no worries to make you. For this first selection let's attack directly the cases of outdoor pants to spend your vacations in the open air. Read more
Spring Editorial PART.01 Spring Editorial PART.01 La scène qui se déroule est pour le moins insolite. Des pneus crissant sur le bitume, des allées illuminées par des néons froids, des peintures signalétiques abîmées par les années, le reflet des carrosseries : c’est dans cet endroit peu commun que l’équipe a trouvé l’inspiration pour la première partie de cette série éditoriale. Les mannequins, faisant des allers et retours pour se changer entre les voitures, sont transformés en des personnages presque surnaturels, alors que les photographes cherchent les meilleures perspectives pour capturer chaque instant. Parfois, des automobilistes passant par là s’arrêtent pour assister au spectacle, intrigués. L’idée de transformer un lieu banal en un décor extraordinaire séduit petit à petit. Présenter les produits sous un nouveau prisme, créer des associations étonnantes, l’équipe de Graduate vous dévoile ici quelques-uns de ses best-sellers du printemps 2023 à travers une série de portraits aux compositions captivantes. Read more
The history of Birkenstock mules The history of Birkenstock mules In 1774, Birkenstock was founded by a young shoemaker named Johannes Birkenstock. Before it became a shoe manufacturer as we know it today, Birkenstock was an ordinary shoemaker who made his own shoes entirely from leather. And it wasn't until almost a century later that the German brand produced its very first footbed product in 1897. Today, Birkenstock is a brand as well known for its pairs as for its famous orthopedic insoles patented since 1932. Read more
JUNYA WATANABE, precursor and protégé of COMME des GARÇONS JUNYA WATANABE, precursor and protégé of COMME des GARÇONS Japanese artist born in Fukushima in 1961, Junya Watanabe graduated from the prestigious Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo and in 1984 joined Rei Kawakubo, founder of COMME des GARÇONS and mentor of the young designer. He started out as a designer. In 1987, he joined the management of the COMME des GARÇONS knitwear branch. In 1992, his first line was launched under his name. The same year, he presented his first show in the hall of the Ryogoku station in Tokyo, and the following year marked his first Junya Watanabe ready-to-wear women's show in Paris. The success, almost immediate pushes him to create a men's line in the early 2000s: Junya Watanabe Man. This brand, still under the umbrella of COMME des GARCONS, is simple but functional and elegant. A meticulous work that allows to create time-proof pieces, which will become references over the decades. The brand also bears the name eYe Junya Watanabe Man. Read more
Heritage and Knowledge Beams Plus SS.23 Heritage and Knowledge Beams Plus SS.23 The Japanese label, which we are happy to welcome season after season at Graduate, has a philosophy that can be summed up in one simple phrase: "it looks classic, but it's new at the same time". Because that's what Beams Plus is all about! For the latecomers, a little briefing is in order (we don't blame you. Not too much.). For Beams Plus, for us and for many others, there is a universal beauty in American clothing from 1945 to 1965. Call it what you will, preppy, americana, vintage, these are just words about a style, a design and a quality that today and more than ever evokes an art of living between elegance, voluptuousness, history and fun. And Beams Plus is in a way the specialist of this so particular period. And through their erudition, their know-how, and through this Japanese handcrafted technique envied by the whole world, they are then able to propose a version adapted to our modern world. Subtle changes in cuts, materials, patterns ... "it looks classic, but it's new at the same time." Read more