AimÉ leon dore

Aimé Leon Dore was created in 2014 in New York by Teddy Santis. The creator of this New Yorkers label focuses primarily on simple and minimalist but powerful designs. Having no knowledge in terms of textiles before launching his brand, he has a sharp look on the streets of New York. With a passion for basketball and hip-hop, especially during his heyday in the 90s. He wants to register his brand in a timeless work by putting the light on an aesthetic of its own. Very attached to the image of its label and what it represents, the lookbooks in the blog, expose with perfection a clean universe inspired by New York. Simply adorned with an inscription, the brand revisits the menswear sportswear wardrobe with hoodies, crewnecks, polo, t-shirts or even bombers by modernizing the cuts, the colors and the materials.

For this SS20 season, the New York label offers us a collection that is true to itself. We can find both the brand's classics and innovative pieces, notably with a Safari jacket adorned with an embroidered abdominal belt. Flashy colors ranging from pale pink to navy blue can be noticed. This collection combines casual style and technicality. With this, dress shirts and meticulous embroidery are added to this magnificent collection and will satisfy even the most experienced of Aimé's customers. 

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