PB0110 is a Philipp Bree brand label created in 2012. Natural leather and linen bags are its trademark. Philipp Bree originally ran his family business BREE with his brother for more than 10 years. 1 year after having decided to go it alone, the creator of the German label presents his first collection in Paris and Berlin. The success is there, and the orders are gradually starting to invade the whole world. A winning bet for this young German designer. It defends a well-defined philosophy: to offer accessories of a very high quality that fit into the daily life of its user like a travel companion. PB0110 manufactures bags and accessories in natural leather, pure linen and vegetable-tanned brass. The materials used in this way become more attractive over time, offering a unique patina.

Bags and accessories are manufactured by selected European manufacturers, competent in the production and processing of high quality materials for generations.

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