Brain dead

Founded by Kyle Ng and Ed Davis in 2004, Brain Dead is an artists and designers collective from around the world, based in Los Angeles, inspired by post-punk culture, underground comics and skateboarding. The brand aims to offer a line of clothing that is both unusual and original. The Californian brand is defined by its designs and psychedelic prints based on the Internet. The label moved gradually into the world of streetwear and fashion thanks to its collaborations with Converse or A.P.C. "Brain Dead is not a person or an idea. It's in the space between people."

The pieces in the SS20 collection are composed of graphic motifs that are both psychedelic and offbeat. There is always, in the spirit of the brand, multicolored prints inspired by the underground culture. Brain Dead has developed a singular universe synonymous with extravagance and establish itself as a strong brand in the streetwear world.

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