Converse x asap nast

The legendary American brand Converse joins forces with the Harlem native A$AP Nast for a brand new collection revolving around the spirit of the 30s. It's with the designers Julian Guzman and Matt Sleep that A$AP Nast has developed this collaboration, centered around a model that is none other than the Jack Purcell. Basically designed in 1935 for exclusive use in badminton, this model emerged in the 60s for a much more lifestyle use. A choice that was obvious to the rapper who speaks "The silhouette is functional, durable, it's intriguing, I wanted to create a style that can be worn every day". A real revival for this emblematic pair revisited by the powerful and unique aesthetic identity of Nast.

For this collaboration Converse x A$AP Nast, there are two Jack Purcell, distinguished in two different colors. In line with the sober and sometimes flashy colors of the collection, we find a model with an orange and the other a lime green, both combined with a nice touch of black that contrasts the whole. We find a thick black sole that comes to take over the canvas of the pair. A new breath for the pair, influenced by the lifestyle of the Harlem's rapper.

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