Patta x tommy

Since the creation of the brand in 2004, the Dutch label has continued to develop and cultivate a hip-hop spirit, the real DNA of the two creators Edson Sabajo and Guillaume Schmidt. Influential figures of the movement in the Netherlands in the 90s and 2000s, the duo opened their first store in Amsterdam - which would quickly become a must-see place that many visitors were eager to discover, then more recently shops in London (Soho). in 2019, as well as in Milan in 2021.

After several decades of experimentation, the brand has acquired a strong notoriety, especially concerning the partnerships that it has been able to offer until now. Each collaboration is thought of as a real event, and it is also sometimes the occasion to pass a message.

It was then that on the occasion of the centenary of pan-Africanism, the streetwear brand and the legendary group Tommy Jeans combined their forces to produce an event capsule articulated around the African diaspora. Nothing has been left to chance, from the choice of colors to the artists in charge of portraying the campaign.A new wind is blowing on the continent and the values ​​of unity, respect and tolerance are more than ever put forward through the visuals.

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