Le minor

Le Minor is a clothing brand born in 1936 in Pont L'Abbé, Brittany by Marie-Anne Le Minor. Specializing in traditional Breton clothing such as the marinière and the sailor sweater, the label has undergone a facelift in recent years thanks to the label's new directors Sylvain Flet and Jérôme Permingeat. The Breton brand sells internationally, and especially in Japan, a country where the quality of Le Minor items has been seducing for many years, so much so that the company sells more in Tokyo than in France.

The Breton Marine Sweater with Le Minor Brand.

With a very rich history, the Pont L'Abbé company Le Minor was built jointly with the Manufacture Bonneterie Lorientaise born in the early twenties. This is what we propose you to follow through our article "The Breton Marine Sweater With The Brand Le Minor."

In addition to the evolution of the Bonneterie and the Le Minor factory, we also trace the history of the marine sweater, an iconic woolen garment of Brittany, also called officer's sweater, since it constituted the official uniform of the French Navy. And we also trace the history of the marinière, another classic from Le Minor and Bonneterie Lorientaise, a cotton garment known internationally, an emblem of French style. These two brands merged in 1982 to create the brand we know today. The company's manufacturing workshop, as well as the factory store, has been based in Guidel ever since.

Le Minor's FW21 Collection.

The Breton label has never shone as brightly in France and internationally as it does today. Still very specialized in wool sweaters and cotton sailors, the company innovates thanks to its two new leaders Sylvain Flet and Jérôme Permingeat. The brand thus offers us the classic officer sweater of the national navy, but also a set of tee-shirts and hoodie quite contemporary, and a quality that reflects the know-how made in France.

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