Adieu Paris is a footwear brand created in 2012 by Benjamin Caron and Isabelle Guédon. It is a shoe brand designed for women and men that wants to arborate an elegant and classic style during our modern era. With their attiral of loafers, sandals, chelsea boots, derby and accessories based on the 60's, Adieu Paris is making a big difference by using black leather and shoe-adapted outsoles. At the opposite of sneakers brands such as Air Jordan, Yeezy and Nike, Adieu Paris's brand strategy relies on authenticity, class and originality. Adieu Paris is at the contrary of anything farfetch, they promote values such as sophistication, class and elegance.

The particularity of Adieu Paris's Shoe: Leather and Special Outsoles/Soles

From using only black leather for their shoes and boots, to starting to add some sober colours, you can now find Adieu's loafers and derbys in different colortypes such as white, dark red, grey and beige. However, black is still the most dominant colour used for their leather shoe. The most particular aspect of Adieu Paris's brand is their signature's sole that was designated by them and only for them. These soles are composed by micro-cellular foam used to lighten up the shoe. It is known that Adieu Paris puts a lot of importance into the details. The crepe and crepe pad under the sole which raises by 3mm to prevent the ankle from injuries and giving the customer an undescriptible sensation of comfort and stability. 

Altough their shoes has a gender, ( builky platforms for men and warm and soft colours for women ), they are starting to reduce the boarders between men and women so that both gender can equally enjoy their items and shoes.

They say fashion has no gender, and they are right.

Collabs X Adieu Paris : 

The brand has also collaborated with diverses fashion clothing and sneakers brands. One of Adieu's last collaboration was with Kickers in 2020. They combined Kickers's universe of origin ( shorts, trey, beads ) and Adieu Paris's rawness and autenthicity ( black leather and signature sole ) to create the Aktive and the Aktuele pair of shoe with a different set of colours, no lace and an all white soles. Another collaboration with Etudes gave birth to a set of pairs of boots with modified laces. In this collection you can find the Type 129, 142 and the Type 143. These boots can be found in low-top, high-top and different size.

Between the models and items available in the shop, we have the Type 175, Type 132 et Type 159. These type of shoes are pretty much basic and sober but they can be found in different leather color. 

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