Coat & Jacket

Stussy is an American brand created in the early 80s by pro surfer Shawn Stussy in Laguna Beach, California. It all begins when Shawn decides to print his signature on t-shirts and surfboards that he sells in the back of his car. Since then, Stussy has become a brand of streetwear in the broad sense, widely popularized by the Hip-Hop movement which has appropriated its graphic t-shirts. Considered a bit like the "Mom" of current streetwear brands, it continues to develop 30 years after its creation.


The Fall / Winter 2017 collection presents a mix of texture and patterns offering us hybrid pieces with straight lines and destructured appearance. Beside these pieces are still the must-haves of Stüssy, the t-shirts, hoodies and crewneck signed by the creators. New motifs appear, like the lion or the crown.