Bleu de chauffe

Bleu de Chauffe is a brand of French leather goods created by Thierry Batteux and Alexandre Rousseau promoting the know-how 100% Made in France. The choice of materials is one of the most important points for the designers of Bleu de Chauffe bags.

Inspired by the old trade bags worn by workers and craftsmen, the brand's bags fascinate by their workwear spirit, while keeping a handcrafted manufacturing in the best vegetable-tanned leathers.

For this new SS21 season, Bleu de Chauffe offers a complete line of accessories to highlight our outfits. The French label will perfectly support you during your professional and private travels, with the Sacs postier eclair m Noir and the Sac business report Tourbe. The manila belts will also adapt to your casual or formal looks.

Its models made in France have not finished pleasing the greatest number of people, the Musette Gaston, the Postier Eclair, the Business Report, the Plumber Justin or the Hobo travel bag, so many products with impeccable workmanship. All these models are available in several colors to make sure you find your happiness, Pain Brûlé, Peat, Black, Navy or khaki depending on your mood. Funny little detail, by opening the bag you can discover the name of the craftsman who made your piece.

Bleu de Chauffe an ode to the workwear spirit

Bleu de Chauffe's know-how is no longer to be presented. For over a decade now, this brand specialized in the design of bags and leather goods accessories has fascinated workwear enthusiasts. Inspired by the artisanal and industrial universe of the 20th century, the bags in the range each reveal a very different style.

Because every design deserves attention, we offer you here a small overview that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the different collections.

The bag bdc a must for the utilitarian wardrobe

Today, the style of a Bleu de Chauffe bag is recognizable among a thousand. From the photo bag to the mailman's bag and the business bag, the designs proposed by the French company always take shape with this industrial and urban spirit. Simple in appearance, each piece seduces with its cleverly imagined minimalist design. Practical for daily use, the Bleu de Chauffe luggage seduces above all by its quality of design. The house, originally from Aveyron, makes it a point of honor to share its love of leather and to maintain a 100% French traditional know-how.

The must-have comic book photo bags

The Bleu de Chauffe photo bag is certainly one of the iconic among the different ranges on offer. Aimed at photo enthusiasts, this bag is perfectly adapted to the world of photography.

Made with an exceptional know-how, it is often made from high quality vegetable-tanned leather. Very functional, it is equipped with various features that will effectively protect your photographic equipment.

In order to convey the best, the photo bags offered by the house are made in France. Like a work of art, each piece is dated and signed by the craftsman who made it.

The bologna bologna photo bag variation

A must-have, the bologna bdc photo bag deserves to be talked about. Able to accommodate different camera formats. Very functional, it can be carried by hand or across the shoulder. It's made from premium vegetable-tanned leather that will give it a patina over time to give way to an exceptional dress.

The iteration of the bdc photo bag

In line with the previous model, the bdc arles photo bag is rainproof. Its construction and pinched flap have been designed to protect the interior and protect its contents from the elements. The reliability of this accessory is no longer to be praised and bdc arles photo bag is an excellent compromise for people looking for a bag with an elegant and assertive design.

Indeed, the Aveyron-based company has had the opportunity to collaborate with prestigious equipment manufacturers. One of them even gave birth to the Olympus photo bag. Note also that the French house also offers a series of accessories related to the world of photography. You'll find a range of shoulder straps, each one more beautiful than the last, which will go perfectly with your Olympus arles photo bag.

The lightning postal bag for the adventurer

In another style there is also the lightning mail bag which will perfectly match with the adventurous outfits. Several sizes exist on this reference to the image of the letter carrier eclair s peat which is the smallest of the collection. After the peaty eclair S letter carrier comes the M which is topped with straps that allow its user to wear it as a backpack.

An identity perpetuated in leather goods and accessories

Bleu de Chauffe also offers a nice range of accessories. Thus, fans of beautiful leather goods and accessories of all kinds can take advantage of the know-how of the French workshop. Coin purse, belt, shoulder strap or even the Bleu de Chauffe maintenance kit, the brand expresses its creativity and skill on various surfaces.

The blue heating blue wallet

Among the small leather goods, the coin purse is a must for the brand. One can easily mention peat moss coin purse talbin which is positioned as the flagship model of the range. Like the burnt zipped coin purse, the talbin coin purse peat is made of premium leather and benefits from a handcrafted finish in the workwear spirit.

The Blue Leather Belts of Chauffe

Essential accessory of a wardrobe, the belt has the unsuspected power to bring a certain balance to an outfit. The Bleu de Chauffe belt goes much further and offers a unique style. The Bread Burnt Belt is a perfect example. This accessory is often neglected and here beautifully designed. Imagined in vegetable-tanned leather, it reveals itself in an exclusive design. A unique vision that highlights attractive finishes that are sure to seduce workwear lovers.

The bdc collaborations

Recognized for its art, the Bleu de Chauffe workshop inevitably sharpens the curiosity of certain labels. The brand does not hesitate to highlight its know-how through collaborations. Olympus, Tatsuhi Eto or Blitz, the brand explores all horizons with the mastery of leather that we know.

The Olympus Bologna Photo Bag x Warm Blue

Each time capture box deserves a beautiful quality case and accessories. The Olympus x Warm Blue Bologna Photo Bag has a special, clever design. In fact, this collaboration has resulted in a unique capsule collection articulated around two bags, a pouch and a shoulder strap. The quality of the Bleu de Chauffe products perfectly matches the quality of the Olympus F-PEN.

The BDC x Tatsushi ETO collaboration

The meeting of two universes with opposite inspirations. On the one hand, we have Bleu de Chauffe, a house known for its workwear approach. On the other hand, there is the Japanese artist and naturalist graphic designer TATSUCHI ETO. The consortium BDC x TATSUSHI ETO highlights its know-how for the benefit of the goldfinch. This ode to this little bird is actually a way to make us aware of the preservation of fauna and flora.

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