Stone Island FW19, Between Innovation and Heritage

Stone Island is known for its technological innovations and ancestral know-how. The Italian label of Massimo Osti and Carlo Rivetti continues to offer us exceptional pieces every season. Combining a casual style, sportwearStone Island designs increasingly technical clothing. For this FW19 season, the brand with the compass rose once again amazes us with its mastery of fabrics by offering us iconic pieces, ideal for the arrival of low temperatures. Graduate shares with you its selection of Stone Island FW19 of its best pieces.


Overshirts with vintage inspirations

For this new Fall / Winter 2019 season, Stone Island does not hesitate to draw its inspiration from its archives by highlighting vintage fabrics. We find an overshirt which is undoubtedly one of the best pieces in this collection, the 11209 corduroy shirt v0032 Arancio. This overshirt features a beautiful thick orange corduroy. Its perfect fit and the presence of the compass rose logo embroidered on the left sleeve bring a burst of innovation and freshness to this collection.


The Italian label offers us a return to its heritage with a piece with impeccable finishes combining workwear and casual style, a must have of this season. You can find it in different colours such as avio or petrolio.


Lightweight jackets combining techwear and comfort

But Massimo Osti's label, as usual, also offers us light jackets with very technical fabrics. We find the 41128 tech jacket v0068 Fango. This jacket is a symbol of the Italian brand's know-how. Made of super stretch nylon, it features a padded lining that will allow you to cope with the coldest temperatures. What really makes it b is the waterproofing treatment of the fabric. You will be able to withstand the harshest weather conditions.


With its vertical pockets and hood, this piece is the perfect compromise between a lightweight jacket and optimal comfort. The sober and elegant Fango colour is of course complemented by the compass rose patch.


Coats and down jackets, symbol of innovation

As usual, the compass rose label shares exceptional pieces with us. Designed in the research and development centre called the "LAB"; winter jackets and coats push back the properties of fabrics even further. This year we have the 40123 real down jacket v0029 Nero, a sober down jacket in techwear style.


This model is made of lightweight, windproof nylon. Carlo Rivetti's firm sublimates the art of dyeing. The fabric has been treated by a specific recipe developed by the scientists of the compass rose label, which gives it a unique and original color. There are also many hidden tone-in-tone pockets, adding a technical dimension to the piece.

A timeless and elegant sportwear jacket that will be perfect for overcoming winter weather conditions.


The identity of the Italian brand is also reflected in its winter coats. Stone Island offers us the 70226 micro reps parka v0067 Fumo, a winter coat that combines elegance and comfort. This coat is directly inspired by the pieces with military tendencies that have made the Italian label famous. Stone Island once again demonstrates its innovations in the processing of materials and fabrics. Its inner layer incorporates PrimaLoft® technology, an ultra-thin fibre blend that provides outstanding insulation. 


But what makes this piece so charming is its hood with its wool patch marked with the brand's typography. There are also 4 front pockets and a sober colour offering a classy, casual and functional style. The compass rose brand has created a perfect piece for the upcoming FW19 season.


The savoir-faire at the service of knitwear sweaters

What would a Fall / Winter collection be without knitwear? This year, Stone Island offers us worked and technical parts that testify to the firm's know-how. We find in particular the 520b8 knitwear v0024 Avio, the essential mesh of this FW19 collection. The Italian label returns to its roots by offering a thick sweater that refers to the clothes of fishermen on the high seas. The whole charm of the piece is based on the duality of the mesh merging two layers of thickness.


This sweater is really the best seller of this collection, the patch of the compass rose completes this iconic piece by adding the final touch.

We also find the 591a1 classic knitwear v0032 Arancio a classic cut sweater with a soft and comfortable mesh. Stone Island revisits its classic knitwear by offering a magnificent orange colour that brings a bright touch to this piece. The Italian label offers us a piece with perfect finishes, a refined cut, the ideal companion for the upcoming Fall / Winter season.


Our favorite is also the 542c2 rollneck knitwear v0020 Blue. This turtleneck is not a classic, it is a knit made of wool of unbeatable quality. Its finishes are impeccable, its cut perfectly matches the shape of the body to offer a sober, elegant and classy look. Of course, the purists of the Italian label will be able to find the famous Stone Island patch that completes this timeless piece.


Massimo Osti's brand strikes once again very hard with this series of sweaters. The brand plays on fabrics to offer us comfortable pieces that match all outfits.


In short...

Stone island remains true to its philosophy by placing innovation at the heart of its collections. What makes the strength of this season Fall / Winter 2019 is the vintage inspiration of some pieces such as the corduroy overshirt. The Italian label does not hesitate to dare to let its creativity speak for itself. By playing on the thickness of the fabrics, the materials used, the Italian firm creates refined pieces with a casual style.


As usual, the brand also offers coats and down jackets with technological prowess that only it can master. We find fabrics with unique properties, waterproofing, resistant to the most apocalyptic climatic conditions. 

As usual, the brand also offers coats and down jackets with technological prowess that only it can master. We find fabrics with unique properties, waterproofing, resistant to the most apocalyptic climatic conditions.

The identity of the label is once again there and Carlo Rivetti's brand has succeeded in combining the heritage of the past with modernity. Techwear and Casual remain the watchwords of this collection.

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