Sentiments, intimate house & sense of groove

The friends of the tplt collective make us discover the universe of an artist through a mix.  

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Sentiments, it has been a good ten years that he has been developing his own style through the different currents of house music. Travelling through the eighties in search of warm gems where piano stabs sway at everything, he searched with the same greed the following decade, the 90's if you had not followed, to find an effective formula and sometimes more hoarse, more severe, but also more lascivious and no less generous.

This is for pure and hard house as they say, but the myriad influences of the young dj don't stop there. We also touch the Italian-disco of good taste, the scent of hi-nrg and the well smelled discoid outlets. The purring bass lines, lively vocals and effective melodies, all well assembled into a coherent whole, may be his trademark. It is easy to find a remarkable homogeneity in its mixtures.

In the end, for the young Lyon native, the idea is simple when he is behind a pair of turntables: it is a question of warming hearts, making broad smiles appear and certainly warming up the dance steps, making the track as hot as the selection is full of heady rhythms. The spearhead of the Groovedge label, Sentiments unrolls to anyone who wants to hear it and gradually slips like a figure in a lively underground scene in Lyon. It testifies to this Arbour, this endless bubbling, in a slender one-hour podcast where everything you've heard about above crosses paths.

Text by Lucas Perrot.