Graduate Studio Beach Tour

Here we are ! France qualify for the next rounds, the curfew is lifted, and, although the good weather has not always been there lately, the holidays are slowly starting to organize.

Seychelles, Australia, French Polynesia, Jamaica, we have provided you with an overview of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Obviously, we also thought about selecting a few swimsuits so that you can strut along your favorite beach in style. Ami Paris, Battenwear, Stussy, Polo Ralph Lauren…, are some of the brands that caught our attention for these early vacations in our premises.

Follow the adventures of Pierre-Alexandre during the Studio Beach Tour and adopt the outfit that suits you best!

Who says heat, says light outfit. For this, P.A wears a Homecore t-shirt with Ralph Lauren shorts and a pair of Converse, classic and effective.

For this outfit, we do in the color. P.A wears a t-shirt and a Battenwear cap, Ralph Lauren shorts and a pair of chuck taylor matching the t-shirt.

The surfer look is in. For this you will need a Rave t-shirt, Ralph Lauren shorts and a pair of Last Resort AB. In terms of accessories P.A. wears a Stüssy cap and a Battenwear bag.

The Stüssy tribe is honored on the beach of Acapulco.

For a chic and casual look even at the beach with a Universal Works shirt and Ralph Lauren shorts. To accessorize the outfit, an AMI beach towel, followed by a bucket hat Stüssy and a pair of Last Resort AB.

Weekend in Formentera? Focus on comfort! For this, P.A chose a Battenwear shirt and AMI shorts. The whole accompanied by a Stüssy bob and a pair of Asics.

For a weekend trip, an AMI suit and a pair of Last Resort AB will be sure to make an impact.