The new FW21 Beams Plus Collection.

The new season is coming, a rainy fall, a winter ... actually rainy too, but it's going to be time to bring out the big guns regarding outfits. If there's no sun, then we need to shine!

beams plus fw21

And when it comes to fashion, when it comes to shine, we tend to look east. Heading to Japan, where it's all happening, where streetwear is 5 years ahead of its time, Tokyo, Harajuku. In short, you know, you know that today it is mostly on the Japanese archipelago that the job is done.

beams plus fw21

But fun fact (I'm just having fun with this), the Japanese are also looking east. In the direction of the United States. Because as everyone knows, preppy or workwear are definitely very American styles (less so for the latter, but still).

And, at Graduate, we're lucky enough to once again receive the new collection from one of the most successful labels to merge its two worlds. You guessed it, we're talking about Beams Plus.

We're on patchwork, checked patterns, argyle patterns, cardigan, big, even bigger knits... All sublimated by noble fabrics, high-end Japanese manufacturing, and loose fits leaving a nice opportunity for innovation and layering of all kinds. 

beams plus aw21

In short, even an authentic Ivy League student from the 60s would be jealous of the quality of the pieces that Beams Plus deploys season after season. While (and this is where the tour de force lies) remaining incredibly contemporary !

beams fw21

beams plus aw2021

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beams aw21

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