Stussy FW21. Drop 1.

stussy fw21

What hasn't already been said about the label of Shawn Stussy, surfwear pioneer and streetwear icon? Well, not much, we must admit.

On our blog, you can already find quite a bit of info, and beyond the interweb resources and other features are legion..

stussy aw21

What if instead of disserting endlessly, rehashing the same anecdotes (the creation of the iconic logo on a surfboard for example. And here I've been rehashing!), let's show?

Reviewing the first drop of the new FW21 season of Stussy in pictures, that's what seems the most judicious in this back-to-school season.

Synonymous with cool, freedom, and independence, the label absolutely does not demerit for this new collection that we are still so proud to welcome at Graduate.

stussy fw2021

On the agenda ? The essential "basics tee" essential to every serious person's locker room. Like hoodies, equally timeless.

To fight the winter period and the lack of vitamin D to come, there is nothing like wearing the happy flower tees and emit positive vibrations with the eponymous tees.

And finally to stand out, shine like a diamond, spread your wings under the amazed eyes of your colleagues of the "account", then you need to put on the winged sweater. Bright, soft, warm, the piece will give you your intravenous dose of vitamin D.

Other strong pieces are in our selection. Watch, dream, and let the Stussy vibe wash over you.

stussy aw2021