Beanie, Beanie, Beanie, can't you see?

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Winter is coming folks, sub-zero temperatures are upon us! The ears redden and become painful under the cold, the throats are knotted, beware!

But no worries, a good hat, a good scarf, on beautiful fabrics well insulating, warm and soft, and the winter will be only a part of pleasure. The pleasure of walking freely in the early morning, quietly, warm, comforted by the soft touch of wool and angora.

Our Most Beautiful Scarves.

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Plethora! Plethora of models to present to you, from our best brands. Let's start with Oregon-based label Pendleton and their gorgeous scarves made in Italy. 100% wool, a wool imported from the United States, as Pendleton has been working with its own wool for a century, the label's scarves display distinctly Native American designs.

Since 1909, the Pendleton Woolen Mill has worked closely with various tribes in the American Northwest, including the Nez Perce, to specialize in making blankets that take on the arts of the indigenous peoples with great respect. These scarves are a vibrant testament to the knowledge accumulated over more than 100 years.

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Let's continue our roundup of our most beautiful scarves, with our selection of designs from the Mackie label. Prestigious brand, Robert Mackie has been making knitted accessories in Scotland's Ayrshire county since 1845. Here, two styles face off in a no-holds-barred duel.

On the one hand, we have the Lochinver, 100% pure lambswool, with traditional Fair Isle patterns. On the other, we have the Barra, 75% wool and 25% angora, on beautiful solid colors. It's up to you to choose between the authenticity of Fair Isle patterns and the incomparable softness of angora. Either way, you'll have two centuries of Scottish label history warmly protecting your neck.

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Let's end on a high note with two labels, with similar philosophies, yet located on opposite ends of the world. Beams Plus and President's indeed cultivate this art of the well-made, high-quality product, and in a resolutely preppy spirit.

At Tuscan label President's we'll find scarves with Argyle and Fair Isle patterns, while the Japanese label features Nordic inspirations, as well as a twisted knit model that could make a 60's Ivy League student jealous.

Our Most Beautiful Caps.

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A nice and good headgear and we're all set to face the wind and sub-zero temperatures!

We've already mentioned the prestigious house of Robert Mackie for their scarves, but as we've said, they're a standout on all knitted accessories, and have been since 1845! And the hats are obviously no exception to the rule.

Among them, three models stand out, all sure of solid colors. The Barra model is composed of 75% wool and 25% angora. So it remains very soft to the touch, warm and perfectly ventilated. The Sandray models are of the same composition, but their shape, shorter, is in the style "dockers". Finally, the Shin hats bring this more authentic character with their 100% pure wool composition. Plain, the wool nevertheless has natural imperfections that bring a mottled effect to the colors.

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Let's talk about our other hats with the famous Ami Paris label to start. Also, in a dockers style, the Ami beanies are made in a beautiful knit, 100% merino wool, and we find centered on the hem the iconic logo embroidered with red thread. In a more streetwear style, how can we not mention the Californian label Stussy. Their hats are made in the USA in the brand's purest style.

Finally, let's finish with a favorite label, the Berlin-based Stay Hungry Sports and the inimitable style of their collection. On a beautiful merino wool, we find the label's symbol, a small fish, a perch, synonymous with their love of outerwear, the countryside, fishing and the simple pleasures of nature.

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