Christmas Gifts : The Family Pack !

I'd like to start by reporting the words of a wise man, a philosopher who is also a great Shakespearean actor, who in a few words sums up very well the spirit of Christmas. Vin Diesel then.

Because yes, Christmas "it's for family". Simple words, but heart warming. And in honor of this great man, let's get down to business, and cover all the possibilities with our first edition of the best gifts to put under the Christmas tree.

Santa's Hat

xmas gift

The good thing is that you can't go wrong. Everyone needs a little beanie when the temperature drops. Best of all, our caps and beanies are always in one size, so unless you've got a really big head, you'll be fine, it's the kind of gift that fits everyone.

You can see the famous AMI Paris label here, but rest assured there are other labels waiting for you. Robert Mackie for example, with its wool and Angora beanies, made in Scotland and with an incredible softness/price ratio!

Santa's Bag


A beautiful bag to bring home gifts for the whole family! Here you'll find a tote bag from the A.P.C. label, which is full of beautiful scarves like this model from the Italian label President's which on a wool and mohair blend features a beautiful tartan pattern that''s fit to warm any heart.

You'll find many other bag designs in our selection, from tote bags to backpacks to pouches and hip bags.

Wallabee under the Christmas Tree

xmas gifts

In order to stride down the chimney and drop his gifts under the tree without a sound, Santa must necessarily wear Clarks Wallabee with their crepe soles. This is just a guess, but I like to think so.

And to come in and drop off beautiful tees like Play boys, Santa Claus is as meticulous as he is organized. It would not be a question of his bag getting stuck in the chimney! To do this, equipped with his finest tape measure APC, because Santa stays chic in all circumstances, he takes his measurements. If the bag passes easily, then with a little luck he'll drop off some APC leather goods for you. But only if you've been nice!"

Heart on the City.


Beneath this pun lies a good-natured "cinephilic" reference, as well as a small tribute to a French actor who left us this year. And by a clever association of ideas, it allows us to evoke the superb marinières of the label Comme des Garçons Play.

Was Rei Kawakubo inspired by Anna Karina's sailor suit in Pierrot Le Fou, thus featuring Belmondo? History does not say, but again I like to think so! And to stay in the heart theme, crack on the little leather goods AMI Paris. Hearts, Christmas, AMI, gifts... Now that's an appealing lexical field!