Christmas Gifts: The Uncle !

The uncle, the cool and quiet uncle. Never out of touch with the latest technology, always clean, with the sarcastic tone of one for whom life is just a series of good times. Let's take a look at him in this new round of gift ideas, and see what he might like.

My Uncle, That Dude

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Let's start with a famous piece, the Westerley Cardigan. First produced in 1972, Pendleton's lambswool cardigan takes its inspiration from the handmade knits of the Cowichan tribe of Vancouver Island. But, if it is famous, it is thanks to its use in the movie The Big Lebowski! And yes, it is indeed one of "Dude" Jeff Bridges' signature pieces throughout the film.

To be complemented with, in the same tones, a corduroy cap from the Ami Paris label.

My Uncle, That Runner

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Let's continue with Autry sneakers, a label that was born decades ago in Texas, and more specifically in Dallas. Adulated during the 80s, the brand is back in full force in 2021, still with their delightfully vintage styles, with a design that takes on the aesthetics of 80s runners.

Front and center is the cricket vest from the Beams Plus label. In a Fair Isle, 100% wool pattern, it's an essential piece for a preppy look.

My Uncle, That Traveler

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Yes, lots of travel throughout these beautiful pieces. In the center, a Timberland Authentic 3 Eye Classic Lug, 100% leather on a beautiful burgundy color.

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Front and center, small leather goods from the Il Bussetto label as well as Comme des Garçons Wallet. Italian manufacture for the first and Spanish for the second.

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Finally, the gorgeous Italian-made scarves from American label Pendleton. Soft and warm, they feature the typical Native American motifs, dear to the Pendleton label.