Christmas Gifts: The Brother-in-Law !

New round of gift ideas, this time for the brother-in-law, or cousin and other best friend. Urban, but also adventurous, classy and elegant, a style that is still young, but that is getting a little more mature. Let's discover together the most beautiful pieces to offer him.

The Woolen Beanie

xmas gifts

The little wool beanie to ward off the nasty winter cold. But not just any beanie, as this one is from the Robert Mackie label, founded in the heart of Scotland in 1845, and which has been renowned ever since for the quality of its knitwear. 100% lambswool for a real authentic feel, or with 25% angora for a little more softness, the choice is yours.

Also, a selection of the best fragrances from the Comme des Garçons Parfum label.

The Timeless Vans

xmas gifts

The original Vans, the first pair created by the brand, the Authentic. Here, the model is revisited with the help of the Pendleton label which brings a nice wool tartan on the upper. This sneakers pays tribute to the first Vans factory, based in Anaheim, California.

In association, how do you resist Comme des Garçons' small leather goods?

A True Friend

xmas gifts

A double take on the famous Ami Paris label, with the brand's beautiful knits on one hand. Chunky sweaters with relaxed fits, 100% virgin wool, warm and soft, proudly displaying the Ami logo. Perfect pieces for winter.

And on the other hand the caps, still from Alexandre Matiussi's label. 100% cotton on a fine corduroy and made in Portugal. A must-have.

Ready for Adventure

xmas gifts

Finally, and in order to always be ready to go on a mission deep in the woods or in the heart of the city, backpacks from American label Battenwear. Made in the USA, these backpacks are made of Cordura and are the perfect size for everyday use.