Hello From Korea with Conichiwa Bonjour !!!

Here is a label that really caught our eye, and the reason is quite simple. How to resist the flow that emerges from the Conichiwa Bonjour items? An aesthetic composed of lightness, amplitude, pastel colors... A philosophy which makes the beautiful part to the winks, to the nostalgia, to the nearness, to the carefreeness even.

A carefree attitude that can be found in the lookbooks of this young South Korean label. Three main axes are found in our SS22 selection. Axes that Conichiwa cultivate to perfection. On one hand, the crewnecks that take up the preppy codes of the great Western universities. But also the tee-shirts that divert the logos populating the 90's and 00's. Or even, we evoked the nostalgia, codes and vintage imagery reviving the 50's and 60's.

Finally, a third axis, promoting the "amplitude" mentioned: the very wide pants of the brand. Balloon cuts, cargos obviously inspired by military, thick and comfortable cottons, a Korean manufacturing.... And a width, a volume, a fluidity and a crazy cut. The ultimate South Koreans style with Conichiwa Bonjour !