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Are you surchemise ?


It’s the beginning of autumn, the days are beautiful, but the evenings are starting to cool down. And here comes an existential problem, in t-shirt I’m cold and in sweater I’m hot. Yes I understand you, we are all in the same boat. Let me introduce you an alternative, the overshirt. Here are 4 really interesting ones, by A.P.C., Très Bien and Stone Island.

A.P.C. again and again

The Joe overshirt from A.P.C. perfectly reflects the know-how of the French brand. A noble and quality material, a pure line without frills and a simple and elegant cut. Whether in beige or dark blue, this piece will fit very easily in your wardrobe and in your daily silhouettes. The Parisian label proves once again its ability to make sophisticated pieces with simplicity!

Stone Island, “Chief or Chief”

Inspired by the military, the Stone Island  Overshirt takes all the codes of the Italian brand, including its sense of detail. Two patch pockets on the chest, a double zip closure and this famous patch recognized by all make this overshirt a must have of the collection. And not only of this collection, it is a timeless brand, there is only the colors that vary over the seasons. A hybrid that you can rock as a shirt under a coat in winter and as a jacket in summer, what more could you ask for?

“God save the tweed! “When we talk about tweed, you think of the grandfather’s jacket, we think of the very well zipped overshirt, all that is more modern. As cool with a shirt as with a hoodie, this overshirt is a perfect mix between old school and modern, and everyone should have a tweed piece in his wardrobe, I say that … I say nothing!

Very good, there is an echo

Très Bien spoils us this season, it is the turn of the Coach Jacket to be presented. The perfect small jacket for the mid-season. A sport cut allied to corduroy and paf, that makes us a chic jacket. Easy to match, its bottle green color will be the most chic for this season FW18 and Corduroy is one of the most fashionable materials.

There you have it, you know everything and you’ve probably understood, we really appreciate these mid-season pieces that can be worn all year long, as the backbone of your look !

by Simon Baumer-Poulain