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Gohemp, Our New Japanese Clothing Brand


Gohemp or the art of creating clothes from hemp

A new brand is coming to Graduate and it is none other than Gohemp, a Japanese clothing brand created by Hashimoto in 1994. We are more than happy to be the first in France to offer the label. The name of the latter comes from a very specific material found at the heart of the fabrics of its collections: hemp. More exactly, this name translates as “go to hemp”, a way to open the world to create from hemp and wear pieces from it.

Its creator has well understood the current context when designing his label. Because nowadays the world is more and more aware of the importance of “ethical” and “sustainable” production processes and materials. The fashion industry is more aware of the importance of materials and production processes that respect our planet.Hemp is an ethical material that can alleviate poverty by using farmland and providing jobs, as it is a natural functional material and there are almost no barriers to its growth.

As you can see, Hashimoto’s ecological footprint is a very serious issue for him, and it is also for many of today’s consumers. The designer’s commitment to the environment is not insignificant. Earlier in his teenage years, the designer was surprised to see the pollution in the ocean, more precisely in the north of Kyushu in Japan, where he spent his time surfing. This moment of nature that was supposed to be pleasant became unfortunately a disappointing moment for him.

After two-three sessions of riding the waves, he was able to find a job in a surf store and he got to know the clothes. He began to associate his desire to act for the environment with clothes. Without knowing it, it was the beginning of a beautiful adventure, and he was already dreaming of being at the reflection, at the manufacturing of ethically and ecologically correct clothes that could be linked to surfing and outdoor. Gradually, Hashimoto became independent to be able to create his own brand of denim GOWEST (being a big fan of jeans). Then, he really wanted to associate his ethical principles, that’s why GOWEST gradually expanded to GOHEMP, a label that corresponds to the environment and to people. For him, a message turned towards ethics and the preservation of the environment is a message in coherence with the current concerns of consumption as well as those of the future.

As a forerunner in his field, Hashimoto learned about the specificities of hemp to make it one of the key materials in the design of his collections. He found that hemp can be harvested three times a year and can be grown without fertilizers and pesticides, making it an excellent plant for reducing the ecological footprint. This material is attracting the attention of a number of people because it also has a very large number of properties. This material, this fabric holds antibacterial effects as well as a good texture with unique breathability capabilities to avoid odors, among others. Hemp canvas mixed with cotton is a fabric widely used by the designer, as it absorbs moisture and has a light texture.

Gohemp SS22 : a raw and assertive style mixed with hemp fabrics

For this season, “GOHEMP” offers us a panel of pieces anchored in a sober and neutral color palette. We find more exactly a declination of pants, t-shirts, jackets. All made from hemp, because as you have already been told “GO HEMP”.



As for the specifics of this new drop, we see that all the pieces have loose cuts and a raw and assertive style consistent with the influences of workwear and laidback brand. We find wide lines on the traveler pant or the High explorer pants with tapered cut. Regarding the t-shirts, we find the College t-shirt made from a mixture of cotton and hemp. Hashimoto has also invested in offering jackets that reflect its inspirations, such as the travel jacket or the exclusive Goku shirt, inspired by the traditional Japanese shirt.


And for the next collections? Indeed, the designer does not want to stop at what he proposes. He wishes to move from Chinese hemp to Japanese hemp, to be consistent with the origins of the brand as well as his own. Hemp is also, since the Edo period (1603-1867) a plant used for many aspects, it is used as food, material and also as fiber. It has been an essential herb for the Japanese people for centuries, but unfortunately it is very little cultivated in Japan. The next Gohemp collections will be more and more focused on people and the environment, without forgetting the Japanese touch of Hashimoto.