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Goldwin the Premium Japanese Sportswear.


Goldwin the techwear Japanese label, specialized in skiwear, conquers the world through a 2021 collection based on lifestyle. A look back at a myth of sportswear.

Goldwin was born on the ashes of World War II, in a Japan still devastated and stuck in an economic hell. At the beginning of the 1950s, American troops were still occupying the archipelago, and the country had neither sovereignty nor the right to ensure its own defense.

But like the lotus flower of Hiroshima, the Japanese were quick to raise their heads.

A point on Goldwin.

Tosaku Nishida opens in Tsuzawa the Tsuzawa Knit Fabric, a modest factory that will soon make a name for itself. The small factory then produces woolen hiking socks, and its quality of workmanship stands out in the post-war landscape. For a few years, the company produced little, but produced well.

Work and sportswear made of high quality and robust wool. The economy starts to recover, Tosaku Nishida goes more and more on production entirely dedicated to sports, making the modest factory becomes in 1958 Goldwin, whose latest collection can be found on our shop.

The ascent of Goldwin. Skiing and mountain clothing.

For a few years the founder has bet on sportswear, and in 1964 the Olympic Games are held in Tokyo. Sixteen Japanese athletes will win the gold medal, twelve of them wear the brand. It is obvious that the brand has just positioned itself on the sportswear wardrobe.

Not stopping on such a good path, the same year Tosaku Nishida travels to Innsbruck in Austria for the Winter Olympics. He was deeply inspired by the beauty and functionality of European ski clothing. For him, the dressing of Japanese skiers at that time was clearly lacking. Neither technical nor aesthetic, the suits, sweaters and coats found no grace in his eyes.

A new ambition was born, to be number one in techwear and sportswear.

End of the century for Goldwin. Domination of the sportswear summit.

While skiing is in its beginnings in Japan, Goldwin will put his greatest efforts to the creation of sweaters that will bring color to the Japanese mountains. During the 90’s, the firm continued to grow and became more and more popular, capturing the attention of not only the Japanese, but also the entire world through the design, aesthetics and technical aspect of its product line.

It will take more than a few years for the techwear offer dedicated to skiing to spread among the best athletes and teams around the globe in the early 2000s. Everyone praised the functionality and high quality of the Japanese brand, which became a partner of many sports teams. For example, there are an official supplier to the British Alpine National Team.

Goldwin’s influence through fashion.

You may think you don’t know the brand, but think again, in fact, you do. Ever heard of North Face? Yes, Goldwin acquired the distribution rights to it on Japanese and South Korean soil in 1978. This includes the high-end “Purple Label” subdivision of the famous outdoor label. Everything about North Face in Japan is managed by Goldwin, from design to a final look.

 The firm also owns the rights to Helly Hansen, Nanamica, and has made various deals with Fusalp the French skiwear brand, Onitsuka and many others.

Beyond Mountains

Goldwin’s influence in sportswear and technical apparel is enormous. From their research and development laboratory, the society in partnership with various scientists has even placed its most technical pieces in the international space station. You may not be an astronaut, but you can dress like one!

Goldwin, its philosophy and the new 2021 collection.

Since 2018 the brand has redesigned its logo, and made a new start with highly sophisticated creations. Without in the least denying its techwear and sportswear aspirations, the label introduces a “lifestyle” collection made of grace, fulness and energy. The pieces offer energy and dynamism.

One almost enters into the contemplation of the mountain, captivated by the speed of a skier, the endurance of a climber. Apart from the technical specificities that are legion, this is what best defines the firm. Serenity, smooth lines, and a garment adapted to the movements of life.

Whether you are a city dweller or a great sportsman, the new Goldwin collection on our shop accompanies you and allows you to remain “real,” being deeply connected with nature.