From BASEBALL to trail, the history of mizuno sneakers


The Mizuno brand was founded by Rihachi Mizuno and his brother Rizo Mizuno in Osaka, Japan in 1906. From the year 1907, passionate about baseball, he began to develop equipment dedicated to the practice of this sport. In 1913, after having developed baseball shoes, the Mizuno company started to create gloves and balls. In 1928, Mizuno, wanting to diversify into other sports, began manufacturing pairs of shoes for athletics. Realizing the potential of its creations in the sport, the brand will open in 1938 a real scientific laboratory R&D to be at the forefront of technology, this moment will mark a real turning point for the brand.

A dazzling development from the 70s to the 90s

In 1972, Mizuno launched a sporty pair of shoes that had a worldwide impact, the “M-line”. The logo that you know, called the “runbird” will appear only in 1981, at that time, the brand was criticized on their logo which was considered too similar to that of Adidas, it then decides to make a total redesign of it. It then chooses the Geocuckoo as representative bird, the latter is world famous thanks to the Road Runner of Warner Bros. The RunBird then put on athletic shoes gives the runner a feeling of speed and strength, as well as flexibility, which is sought by the brand. Mizuno will then greatly emphasize this logo in its pair “RunBird Athletics” released in 1983, which will sound like a revival for the brand and will meet a great success. The next two years will be partly devoted to making the lightest possible pair of running shoes, the “Morelia” which is then considered a featherweight at the time and was a real technological feat. This is not the only field, where Mizuno can be considered as a precursor, indeed, the brand will be in the first in 1990 to standardize the computer-aided design to obtain an unequalled precision.

From the 90's to today, Mizuno is a staple of professional sportswear

From the 90’s, Mizuno became omnipresent in sports competitions, we will come back later on the outstanding partnerships it had, but for now, let’s focus on what makes the brand remain at the top of innovation. In 1998, in the world of golf, the brand patented the Grain Flow. This is a technology that preserves the natural grain of metals during the forging process, which gives it a real advantage over its competitors. Here, we can see that the brand is doing everything to reinvent itself and remain at the top of what is done in terms of technicality in the products it offers. An event that the brand considers as a consecration is the fact that it became official equipment supplier of the Osaka marathon.

The muses of Mizuno

As said before, Mizuno brand has had the chance to equip many players and teams throughout its existence, they can not be detailed too, because the list would be very long, but by giving you some names you will realize the magnitude of the brand in the field of sports. In soccer, it has equipped Sergios Ramos, Rivaldo or even Christiano Marques Gomes. For running, we have the example of Serge Girard. In athletics, the most famous would be Carl Lewis. In swimming, we have seen Frédérick Bousquet equipped with Mizuno As mentioned above, this is a non-exhaustive list of athletes who have chosen to equip themselves with Mizuno!

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 8 LS or Sky Medal, which one to choose?

The Wave Prophecy 8 LS are high-end running shoes manufactured by the Japanese company Mizuno. The eighth generation of this shoe line is designed to provide maximum cushioning and support for universal stride runners. One of the most notable features of these shoes is their “Wave Prophecy” midsole technology, which uses a wave-shaped plate to distribute the impact of running efficiently. According to Mizuno, this helps reduce joint pain and gives a smoother running feel. In addition, these shoes feature Infinity Wave midsole technology that provides additional cushioning for universal stride runners. The Wave Prophecy 8 LS also feature a breathable mesh upper for optimal support and comfort, as well as an X10 rubber outsole for long-lasting traction and wear resistance. In terms of design, the Wave Prophecy 8 LS are sleek and modern, with subdued colorways and bright accents. The shoes are also lightweight, weighing in at just 305 grams for a size 9 shoe, making them ideal for runners of all levels.

The Sky Medal is a running shoe. This line of shoes is designed for runners with an all-around stride who are looking for optimal cushioning and support, while being lightweight. The midsole technology used in the Sky Medal is called “Smooth Ride” which is designed to provide a smooth running experience, reducing vibration and softening impact. This reduces joint pain and provides a more comfortable running feel. In addition, the Sky Medals feature X10 rubber outsole technology, which provides long-lasting traction and wear resistance. The breathable mesh upper provides optimal support and comfort. The Sky Medals are also lightweight, weighing in at just 255 grams for a size 9 shoe, making them ideal for runners of all levels. Aesthetically, the Sky Medals are sleek and sporty, with subdued colors and bright accents. The shoes also feature a quick lacing system for a quick and easy fit.

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Caring for your Mizuno shoes is important to extend their life and maintain their performance. Regularly washing your shoes can also eliminate unpleasant odors and stains. Here are some tips for cleaning your Mizuno shoes: First, remove all visible debris and dirt with a soft bristle brush or an old toothbrush. Mix warm water and a mild detergent in a bowl or container. Avoid using detergents that contain chlorine or ammonia, as they can damage the materials of your shoes. Use a clean sponge or cloth to gently scrub the surface of the shoes, making sure to clean the dirtiest areas. Rinse the shoes thoroughly with clean water to remove any detergent residue. Allow shoes to air dry, away from direct sunlight or a heat source. Do not use a hair dryer or heater to speed up the drying process.