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S/S 23

That’s it, summer is coming and so is the heat. Although the shorts are an argument of authority during this period it does not mean that we must neglect the pants. Whether you’re a man or a woman, there are a multitude of them to sport different looks. Whether you are more into comfort with a lazy pant or in the chic with a dressy pant, you will find your happiness. Take also note that the choice of the fabric and the material is essential to be at ease in any circumstance, then privilege the linen, the cotton or the virgin wool and you will have no worries to make you. For this first selection let’s attack directly the cases of outdoor pants to spend your vacations in the open air.

The travel companion, the outdoor pants

Who says holiday, says travel and to travel in all serenity, it is important to find the adequate pants. That’s why it’s important to choose pants that are efficient and versatile in their design. In our selection for men, we present four pants that will perfectly fit in your travel gear. And because it is important to take an example to talk about a subject, let’s look at the case of the Mh-rip cocoon Indigo cargo pants made by the Seattle brand Manastash.

The Mh-rip is a pant with two flap pockets at the thighs. But what makes it special is undoubtedly the fabric in which it is made. This denim fabric is made from a mixture of cotton and hemp giving it this textured finish and a much better breathability. As for the practical side, the pants have an elastic waistband and two buckles to hang various things like his lucky carabiner for example. The Mh-rip pants is the perfect mix between know-how and practicality.


Then come our three other protagonists, from brands like Gohemp, Manastash (once again) and Kavu. As for Manastash’s St. Helens and Kavu’s chili treck pant, both are made of a fabric composed mostly of polyesters providing fluidity and elasticity. Both pants have a straight cut, an adjustable waistband and come in colors ranging from beige to olive and black. What to find happiness! His pants for men are two pure concentrates of technology. And it is at this precise moment that the high explorer pant in Gohemp makes its entrance, made in a cotton and hemp blend unlike the previous pants. It features triple-structured pockets that curve around the thigh. Like the Mh-Rip pant, the high explorer pant has a fairly relaxed fit. In short, while each pant is designed and built for a similar use, each has a distinctly different approach with its own strengths.

The lazy pants, anything but lazy

Before we get into the topic of lazy pants, we need a little background. Imagine getting ready for work but the weather is predicting hot temperatures. So you need to be comfortable but still have a serious side. And that’s where the “lazy pant” comes in. Generally, these are pants made of soft fabrics with an elastic waist. To best illustrate this type of pants designed to put you at ease in all circumstances, the Mil easy pants wool Panama from Beams Plus is very appropriate

First of all, let’s talk about its construction. The Mil easy wool panama pants are made of a plaid fabric woven from very light virgin wool. With a relaxed fit, it lets the body move and enjoy the space. Always in a concern of comfort and practicality, it integrates an eslatiquée waist with drawstrings present at the waist and at the ankles. Detail that kills, its Japanese manufacture brings an additional stamp to him. Available only in men’s size, these pants are a real favorite of the team.


After presenting our “head of the line” pants, we must now briefly tell you about the following three. Straight out of houses like Barena Venezia, Engineered Garment or Stüssy, these three pants are oriented around the concept of comfort. As for the pantalone bativoga stragia from Barena, it is made in a pleated fabric made from a mixture of virgin wool and polyamide to give it this fluid rendering. In agreement with the Italian house, it has a more fitted cut than its counterpart. Regarding the case of beach pants from Stüssy, it is designed in a cotton twill with a relaxed cut and elastic waist. These pants are somehow reminiscent of the Chino but in a less strict version and more suitable for a life on the move. As you will surely have understood, the lazy pant is characterized by its elasticated waist and the diamond poly knit jogging pants from Engineered Garments are no exception to the rule. Made from breathable polyester knit, they offer a relaxed fit that contrasts with the pleats in the front. Perfect for being comfortable while keeping a chic edge.

The cargo pants, practical, practical and practical.

Now it’s time to tackle a very popular genre of pants, the cargo. Straight from the military wardrobe, the cargo pant is a piece designed to be resolutely practical. Most often made of cotton or ripstop fabric, they have two flap pockets on the thigh. Today, it is a type of pants worn by men and women, so it is not uncommon to see very different versions appear, but always with this similar identity. For this first example, we decided to look at the rambagio pants of the Venetian label Barena.

What immediately catches your eye when you first look at these pants is the fabric they are made of. Made in the brand’s Venice workshop, the rambagio pants are made of a seersucker with a textured look. A more “casual” version than a classic cargo pant, it also has a loose fit and elastic ankles, giving it a look similar to a jogger. Note also that the elasticated ankles are adjustable to wear it more or less tightly on the ankles. In short, it is a real revisit of the genre, adapted for urban wear.


Let’s take a look at our other three pants at the labels, Universal Works, Carhartt WIP and Beams Plus. If you’re looking for a much more military approach, the Mil 6pocket 80/3 ripstop from Beams Plus will do the trick. With its ripstop fabric, its straight and loose fit, these pants take the classic codes of the cargo genre. On the other side, we find the two labels Carhartt WIP and Universal Works that offer us a much more workwear look. The English label Universal Works which offers us their loose cargo Pant in cotton chambray. Ultra light thanks to the use of cotton chambray, these pants can be worn perfectly even under high heat. It also includes drawstrings at the ankles. It perfectly reflects the aesthetic workwear of the English house. Tightened to the maximum, the drawstrings brings a look a little “jogging” pants. The Cole Cargo by Carhartt WIP is a pant for men with an interesting volume because very loose. A detail has also crept into the basic formula, the appearance of a fold and a reinforcement at the knees, typical elements of workwear. With all these different versions of cargo pants, you will have no difficulty in finding the one that will meet all your search criteria.

Blue Jean, but not Bowie's

Who says blue, says indigo and who says indigo, says denim. And that’s just right, because that’s what we’re interested in. A real must-have in a man’s wardrobe, jeans can be worn in summer as well as in winter, you just have to find the right thickness of the fabric. And little tip, we also advise against jeans in black / anthracite colors if you do not want to die of heat under a hot sun. It is also important to remember that wearing skinny jeans in summer is not a great idea either. To illustrate a bit the jeans that can be worn during the summer season, let’s start with the English label Universal Works, specialized in the design and manufacture of workwear.

Far from the traditional vision of denim, the track trouser cloud denim is made in India using a unique dyeing process. Dyed directly with the indigo flower, this cotton denim has a tie dye finish with unique colors for each piece. With a relatively relaxed fit, it offers good leg room and a slight tapered edge. Always in a concern of comfort and in the manner of a lazy pant, this denim integrates an elastic waist breaking the rigid image of the jeans that we know so well. To make it short, the track trouser is for men who want to find atypical jeans and look surprising.


But this iteration proposed by Universal Works is not the only one we chose for this summer season. Labels like Patta, Edwin or Our Legacy have all proposed us jeans as varied as possible. Hope and Love according to Patta, these jeans are made of cotton denim with prints on the front and back. It has a cut halfway between tight and casual. Still a jean, but a little less graphic this time, the third cut attic from Our Legacy. Since the creation of the brand, Our Legacy is attracted by the process of degradation of clothing. Dyed in a unique way, each denim produced will have a different look than its counterpart. These pants also feature a relaxed fit with a fairly wide leg. And finally, the wide pant from Edwin. A little closer to what we can find usually, the Wide pant is made from a Japanese cotton canvas. But then what changes? Its cut, pushed to the extreme it offers volume, a lot of volume while keeping a fairly straight leg. Jeans are widely democratized pants, so they offer a lot of different cuts and colors as varied as possible. Whether they are black, beige, blue or white you will find one to your taste.

Weekend maxi comfort, sweatpants

It’s okay, the week is over and it’s time for the weekend! And if, like us, you’re the kind of person who likes to spend a relaxing weekend, jogging pants are your best friend. A pant focused on comfort often made in a fluid fabric or fleece. These are real sweatpants, ideal for going out only in case of extreme necessity of course. And as it is our best friend of the weekend we will present one of the brand Ami Paris, the Track Pant nautic blue.

Made in Portugal in a fabric mixing nylon and cotton, it offers a fluid rendering with a light texture. In a vintage style, these men’s pants Ami Paris incorporates two white stripes on the sides and an elasticated waist. Detail that has its importance, an embroidery of the logo “Ami” at the back pocket. With this piece, Ami Paris presents us with a sweatpants halfway between the dress pants and the casual pants. The perfect compromise to stay bathed in comfort and tranquility for a weekend without neglecting his style.


As for our three other choices, we decided to go for models as similar as different. First, let’s talk about the poly track Pant from the Californian label Stüssy. In the same line as the one presented above, the track Pant by Stüssy is made of a fluid polyester fabric. With its two front pleats, it has a more chic look than the usual jogging pants or tracksuit. Our third pant is a jogging pant, the sweatpant v0029 from the Italian label Stone Island. Expert in the technical clothing of military origin, these jogging pants in black color has a look close to the cargo pants. There are two flap pockets on the thighs, giving it a practical dimension in addition to the comfort provided by the cotton fleece. Come finally the last one, the pants beckenbauer tp Night indigo of the brand with three stripes. True institution of the brand, the beckenbauer is known to all. Recognizable by its side stripes and its logo embroidered on the front. A true classic of the genre! To make it simple, the jogging pants or sweatpants is our best friend to hang out and be comfortable in all circumstances.

The military pants, strict, but not too much

For a long time now, the military wardrobe has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for clothing manufacturers. At first glance, the military wardrobe can be abrupt and difficult to apprehend, but many of the clothes we wear today are taken from this wardrobe. Among the most famous pieces, we find the famous fatigue Pant and its two sewn pockets or the overshirt for example. To illustrate you at best the principle of military pants, we decided to turn to an American label referent in the matter, Engineered Garments.

When we talk about military clothing, it is likely that you will think of soldiers dressed in camouflage suits in khaki, beige, white and black colors from head to toe. And you are not completely wrong. For this first piece, we are going to talk about the Fatigue pant 6.5oz flat twill Olive camo. Originally worn during their rest periods, the fatigue pant is originally made of a cotton canvas with the color Og 107. For this iteration, this one is made directly in New York in a cotton canvas and has a camouflage pattern. Small specificity, it is equipped with a zipped lining on the left pocket. In short, by its general aspect, its camouflage pattern and its fitted cut, this fatigue pant reinterprets perfectly the codes of military clothing.


Let’s now come to the three other pants from brands like Stan Ray, Frizmworks and Beams Plus. Concerning the pants from Stan Ray, this one revisits as faithfully as possible the famous Fatigue pant Og 107 mentioned above. A slightly relaxed cut, a cotton canvas with a satin look and a color close to the Olive Green 107 is the recipe of the Og Loose Fatigue Pant of the American label of Stan Ray. Regarding our third choice, it is the p44 monkey pant of the Korean label Frizmworks. A contemporary reinterpretation of the US Navy Corps pants. This jewel of practicality is made in a cotton twill and herringbone fabric. For the sake of comfort, it has a relatively loose fit and fairly straight. It also has three flap pockets with a larger one placed in the back. A faithful revisit of a pant that has dressed a large number of marines. And finally, let’s talk about the Bush Pants Comfort Cloth from the Japanese company Beams Plus. Made from an ultra-lightweight cotton and polyester fabric, these men’s pants are recognizable by the two flap pockets on the front. Halfway between a classic and practical piece, they also feature a ripstop lining in the pockets to minimize chafing. What more can be said about men’s military pants except that they are timeless designs that will last you over time.

The dressy pants: Freak is chic

That’s it, here we are, after having dissected a lot of different pants for men and women. We finally arrive at the last category that interests us, the dress pants. When we go to an important event or we must be presentable, it is at this time that the pants said dressed makes its entry. Often equipped with darts and made in a light fabric of cotton, virgin wool or linen, the dressed pants generally present a rather straight cut to bring structure to the silhouette. Regarding our first choice that we decided to dissect, it is neither more nor less than their pants 2 pleats linen check of the Japanese house, Beams Plus.

A real must-have brand on the Japanese scene, Beams Plus offers us its version of the dress pants with these 2 pleats linen check pants. Made in a linen, cotton and wool blend, they let the skin breathe and bring an undeniable comfort. Widely popular model, the 2 pleats is a pant with double front darts and a carrot cut. It also features a fairly short leg, pre-sewn hems and a front gusset pocket. This summer linen version is not left out in terms of details either as it features a checkered pattern all over the piece. In short, these 2 pleats linen pants will be an ideal dress pants to face the hot weather and have a foolproof drawl.


But who are the three other expert labels that offer us their version of dress pants? Our Legacy and their Borrowed Chino Black Panama, A.P.C and the Renato pants in linen and finally Ami Paris with their carott fit virgin wool pants. Just like its counterpart at Beams Plus, the Renato pants from the French house A.P.C. is also made in a linen fabric. It incorporates two large front pleats accentuating the effect of its straight cut by lengthening the leg. Its specificity? It comes from its offset button placket and its single flap pocket on the back. Regarding the Ami pants, it has a cut with more volume on the thigh and a shortened leg unlike the Borrowed Chino which offers a fuller cut and a long leg. It is also made of a virgin wool fabric, light and breathable for increased comfort. To conclude on the dress pants, we can say that there is something for everyone, whether you prefer a loose fit or slightly shortened. Regarding the fabric, wearing linen or virgin wool seems to be the best possible choice to be comfortable and not suffocate in your pants.