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Robert Mackie, Scotland at your fingertips


Today, we are going to take you to the heart of Scotland, more precisely to Ayrshire. Let’s get ready for winter, let’s get out the gloves, the hat, the scarf and our best bagpipes! We will explore the Scottish tradition with Robert Mackie, one of the only authentic Glengarries and Balmoral makers in the world.

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La tradition Écossaise

Robert Mackie is first and foremost a tradition, a know-how passed down through generations. It is also a desire to create products renowned for their quality and use of color through ancestral manufacturing techniques. Very proud of their rich Ayrshire textile heritage, their hats originate from the ceremonial hats of Scottish regiments. Today they continue to supply bagpipe bands and clan organizations around the world.

An ancestral know-how


As mentioned above, Robert Mackie is uncompromising about craftsmanship. For them “Made in Scotland” is synonymous with quality. All products are handmade by Scottish workers using manufacturing techniques passed down from generation to generation in Stewarton. It takes years to become fully skilled in the craft. This perfectionism results in remarkable pieces that are luxurious to the touch, soft and warm.


Scotland serving the world

But Robert Mackie isn’t just about Glengarries and traditional Scottish wear. They draw on their textile heritage to make indulgent classics for modern wardrobes. Classics like gloves, scarves and hats that are made from the finest wools and Angora.

Add to this their techniques so worked, we get pieces that are totally different from what other designers can do. Mackie’s big plus is the fact that their hats and gloves fit every body type. No matter how big or small your head is, your Robert Mackie cap will fit you and return to its original shape even after months of use.

From now on, you’ll have everything you need to face the winter cold with Robert Mackie’s understated pieces that will last you for years to come.

By Arthur Appercé