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A huge subject of the wardrobe, the shirt is one of the key pieces of a dressing room, whether male or female. A shirt can indeed be quite formal or conversely, casual. The materials are certainly for a lot, between linen, poplin, cotton or denim but it is also necessary to take particular care in the selection of the cut. Depending on the material of your shirt, the cut will make all the elegance. The choice of collar, color, pattern or not, opacity are criteria that must be taken into account depending on the type of shirt you want to wear and the desired style. With the arrival of the beautiful days, the shirt is on the front of the scene. We are going to present you our different types of summer shirts whether you are looking for a light shirt for a formal occasion or a casual shirt for a sunny day. We have taken care to offer you a variety of options that reflect the different worlds within Graduate.

The shirt for every occasion

The pocket shirt is a timeless classic that adds a functional and aesthetic touch to any outfit. The pocket, usually located at the chest, gives the shirt a casual and practical look. Whether it’s a single pocket, flap pockets or even a double pocket, it provides extra space to store small items. The pocket shirt comes in a variety of styles and cuts, making it suitable for any occasion. It can be made in light fabrics like cotton or linen for summer days, or in thicker fabrics like flannel for cooler seasons. Some styles feature bold patterns and colors, while others opt for more classic and neutral shades. Orslow offers us a floral print blouse on the rack. The pearl buttons finish the piece, which can be worn for a formal event as well as a more casual one. Edwin, with a seersucker material adds texture to a patterned shirt.

Workwear for the shirt

Short-sleeve workwear shirts are versatile pieces that combine functionality with a rugged aesthetic. They take inspiration from the traditional work uniform to create a casual, yet fashionable look. These shirts feature solid construction and a comfortable fit. They are often made from durable fabrics such as heavy cotton or denim, making them tough and suitable for everyday wear. Signature workwear details like contrast stitching, flap pockets and snaps add a utilitarian touch to these shirts. Carhartt is obviously on board for this category. The S/S Craft shirt meets all the criteria. Made of Dunmore twill, a medium-weight fabric. This allows the shirt to stand without being cardboard for all that. Polo Ralph Lauren also offers a shirt in the workwear style. Double buttoned pockets, patch on the chest, embroidery on the back, They embody a unique blend of functionality, comfort and style, making them a must-have choice for fashion lovers looking for an authentic, casual look.

Tactical, technical, the outer shirt

When it comes to technical shirts, several outdoor equipment brands stand out by offering models that are both useful and practical. Equipped with a multitude of pockets and made of light materials such as ripstop, these shirts meet the expectations of outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Among these brands, Wild Thing stands out by offering the perfect mix of functionality and style. The shirt is made of Cordura fabric, reinforced with a mesh lining. The quality of this fabric ensures the resistance and the mesh the respirability of the garment. For added convenience, this shirt is equipped with two large front pockets, enough to store your expedition gear. In this theme of technical materials, Stone Island is undoubtedly on the list and their coated cotton canvas polo is a perfect example. This piece showcases the technical qualities of the brand. The coated cotton canvas offers superior resistance to the outdoor elements, while its texture adds an aesthetic dimension unique to Stone Island. Always with an eye for detail, the Stone Island logo is screen printed in 3M to accentuate the technical dimension of the piece. These brands are known for their expertise in creating high quality technical clothing, ensuring optimal performance during your outdoor adventures.

Weekend Shirt, Cuban Shirt

The ultimate in shirt comfort is represented by the Cuban collar. This type of collar is distinguished by its flexibility and width, offering a neckline that is free of top buttons and stiff pleats. We prefer to wear this shirt for less formal occasions. In our Graduate selection, the brand Corridor seems to answer best to the expectations of a Cuban shirt. The New York label offers shirts worked, meticulously crafted with a real commitment to quality. In addition, Gitman Brothers is another brand that offers Cuban shirts made of precious materials. This season, the collection features cotton jacquards, meticulously crafted, demonstrating Gitman Brothers’ unparalleled expertise in their chosen field. These sophisticated patterns add a touch of elegance to the Cuban shirt, highlighting the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship.

The American or button-down collar

For practicality and functionality, buttons were introduced on shirt collars to prevent them from wrinkling after a game of polo. This clever concept gave birth to the American shirt collar, also known as the button-down collar. It has become extremely popular and is now found on a multitude of shirts and blouses. The collar is characterized by its buttons placed on the points of the collar, allowing them to be attached to the placket. This way, the collar stays in place and prevents it from loosening or wrinkling during the day. At Graduate, the Beams+ brand has been using this type of collar for several seasons now. This season we find a shirt with a button-down pullover collar. A clever revisit of the button-down collar, as this shirt is designed to offer the practicality of a button-down collar while adopting a casual aesthetic with a collar that can simply be put on without buttoning.

The originality of the collar

The Mao collar, also known as the Mandarin collar, is a distinctive type of shirt collar. It is characterized by its small collar stand shape without flaps, with rounded corners. Often worn closed, this collar offers an elegant and minimalist look. For this season, Japanese brand GoHemp presents a refreshing interpretation of the Mao collar with a slightly boxy shirt. Made from a hemp twill, this shirt offers a light and comfortable feel. Hemp twill is a natural material known for its breathability and durability, ideal for hot summer days. The slightly loose fit provides a casual look while maintaining the brand’s signature sophistication. A perfect model for those who love comfortable refinement.