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SPLASH, a Summer under the Sun's Sign


Dear friends, it’s back. It showed up a few weeks ago, and it’s back again today. Our dear yellow star decided this time to stay, so we dress accordingly!

Shorts, light shirt, glasses and bucket hat are essential. We suggest you some looks to be at ease while putting aside the combo tank-top / flip-flops.

Classic, shorts & light shirt. We embellish it with a Ralph Lauren corduroy shorts for the play of textures and a little colorful converse! The detail, the visor cap for the adventurer side.


Fishing and relaxing. At the edge of a cool stream, this Stay Hungry zip neck polo ensures style and comfort. The bucket hat, a classic for a summer under the sign of heat.


A little more acidulated, the summer is also about colors! So we dare, we enjoy it!


Small look of the end of the day, the air becomes lighter with a small wind, we take out the A.P.C. overshirt which goes well for the rest of the evening on the beach.


Keep it light with this Stüssy shirt. The Universal Works overshirt keeps the look soft and sophisticated.