Stay Hungry Sports. Quality in Outerwear.


Outerwear, or more simply said outer clothes, therefore refers to the clothes you wear outside (I already have the unfortunate feeling I’m repeating myself). Coat, pants, fur jacket, whatever. Clothes that are supposed to hold up against cold, bad weather, rain, wind, hail, meteorites, lightning, hurricanes and other tsunamis. Which is pretty much what most of us are used to every day.


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But let’s be serious, today’s outerwear must obviously bring its share of qualities and innovations, without necessarily going for a 100% techwear approach. Whether it is in terms of technical properties related to breathability, waterproofing, and thermoregulatory properties of clothing. But also in terms of design, styles and looks. No one wants to carry over the clothes we proudly wore on snow class and other school trips?


stay hungry

And one brand stands out on this playing field, which we are proud to welcome at Graduate, a German brand, halfway between streetwear and outerwear. The aptly named Stay Hungry Sports.

Still a young label, but one whose growth is no longer to be proven, founded by Matti Röse (former BMX pro) in Berlin, already has a well-asserted philosophy and vision of outdoor clothing. Let us tell you the little story of a label that doesn’t skimp on looks or quality.

BMX, country, travel and Japan. The Pillars of Stay Hungry Label Outerwear.


As we said, the founder of the German label was a BMX pro, a flat specialist (performing as many tricks as possible on a flat surface) who had his heyday in the 2000s. In addition to several stock titles, he also created and organized several contests, which shows that the man likes to undertake. And to go along with that, he is also the founder of the brand dedicated to BMX riding Autum.

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His career, and also pleasure, has taken him on a multitude of trips to Japan. Land of fashion, pinnacle of streetwear, Japan has strongly influenced the founder of the future label. And also, the young Matti grew up in the countryside, between Frankfurt and Kassel, where he blossomed throughout his childhood in nature.


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These are the pillars of the brand’s outerwear definition. By the way of a childhood where simple pleasures, running, fishing, building cabins, are born in the middle of nature. Through sports, where it is obvious that solid, robust, comfortable, but also technical clothing is needed. And via Japan, where fashion is resplendent and as we would like to see it more often. Original, but also timeless, and above all educated and concerned about work well done, good materials, high-end craftsmanship, and the value of the product and the humans who work it.


The Berlin Label’s Outerwear.


Come on, let’s get to the beginning of the label and its philosophy. Although it was born in 2015, the founder has already had some ideas in stock for a long time. Steeped in various influences as we mentioned, he has already been thinking about designing his own clothes for some time. And following his retirement from the competition, Stay Hungry was a way to focus his legacy, passions, and desires.


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The young label defines its philosophy very quickly, especially through its slogan “Young Man Growing Up“. By this baseline is evoked the meeting between two worlds. The youth made of graphic tee-shirt, logo, “ostentatious” style, and the maturity with more techwear touches of a garment designed to last in time. That is to say, quality rather than quantity. The fun of something young, flamboyant, while keeping a more upscale approach to the product.


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So soon, the first collections arrive. Shoes made in Portugal, in suede leather, with a small camo pattern. The collaboration with the label Bagjack, around backpacks made from fabric from the British Millerain house. A collaboration with Heimplanet, where the label takes the ripstop camo fabric from a stock of tents to affix them on their shirts and caps.

From collaborations in seasons all more successful than the others the young Berlin label has made a place in the saga of outdoor and outerwear. As a fair return of things, the brand sells its products extremely well in Japan, a further proof of the quality of its products, its sourcing, and its materials.

The FW21 Collection.


And the label’s new collection, which we’re lucky enough to receive in our offices, doesn’t fall short. On the contrary. As you can see on our article, the Berlin label offers a sophisticated outerwear. We find the adorable little logo, a pole, which recalls the concept of outerwear, nature and simple pleasures. T-shirts, zip-up sweatshirts, fleece jackets… The whole offer is made in Europe, and often in Portugal. The jerseys are soft, the cotton is strong, the hats are in warm wool, and the accessories are in strong nylon. A young label with a bright future!”

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