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The SUPER Daronne celebrates its 2nd birthday!


On the occasion of their 2nd anniversary, the joyful troublemakers of the Super Daronne collective have decided to do a self-interview. A look back on 2 years of love, parties and “Bonne Maman”.


First of all, can you introduce yourselves for those who don’t know you ?

Jérôme aka Rigo says “the stem”, Thibault aka Juniore says “goldilocks”, Xavier aka Doowi says “the kid”, Quentin aka Neida says “the eye of lynx”.

Where did you get the idea for the name “SUPER Daronne” ?

We chose to use the French language to be more easily identifiable.We wanted a superlative, something that had impact. It was either super club or super lollipop and daronne came out spontaneously. We decided to keep that, and it works pretty well, doesn’t it?

Your artistic line in a few key words ?

Eclecticism, eclecticism, eclecticism.

What is your best memory of the last two years ?

We remember a memorable evening in Darwin, for the Happy Hours, it brought a lot of people. The audience spread over the whole site of Darwin and to be honest, we were very impressed.

1 or 2 “unforgettable” photos with a small description of the moment ?


June 10, 2018, golden hour, canal saint martin, right after a spicy mellotron.


An image that perfectly illustrates the spirit we want to bring to each of our parties.

What are the scenes that attract you the most at the moment?

Lente Kabinet, little brother of the Dekmantel Festival.

Houghton in the UK.

Nuits Sonores in Lyon, one of the best French festivals.

Is there a date in particular that you really liked, the one where you felt the best energy in the audience?

NU GUINEA, the ferry from Bordeaux almost sank…

Your guilty pleasure ?

PNL, TWO BROTHERS two beasts!

Travis Scott – Goosebumps. Not too guilty a pleasure but I could listen to it on repeat all day if I had to!

What drives you outside of jiing?

Xavier: Architecture, design and sea fishing.

Jerome : Badminton ! And food …

Quentin : Beautiful hikes in the Pyrenees and smoking

Thibault : Super-buddies and my real mom



Since Super Daronne has a female connotation, do you have a female artist in mind that you think is worth following, or that you would like to invite?

Good question because it fits perfectly with our next guest at the Iboat. For the clue it’s the last-born of the Australian electronic scene, she recently illustrated herself in a podcast Dekmantel…. to you play!

If we want to get in for free at your parties, how can we do it?

The ultimate rule: If you come with your mom, and your two respective IDs, it will be free for both of you!

And finally, what are the future prospects of the darling?

First of all, we’ll meet you all for our 2nd birthday party in Darwin

After that, we will continue to have fun, sand new places, and drink a lot of water 😉


Interview by Sarah Daguerre.