You’ve been invited to a wedding this summer, and the question that arises as a guest is: “What am I going to wear? To save you time in this sometimes long and tedious process, here are a few tips to guide you and help you have a good time, looking elegant and comfortable in your outfit.

tenue de mariage idée haut homme

10 advices to choose your wedding outfit.

Check the invitation to see if there is a theme or dresscode that must be respected.

Don’t dress in white. Avoid stealing the spotlight from the groom – it’s important not to attract all the attention at the ceremony.

Match the different pieces of your outfit using the rule of no more than 3 colours. Don’t exceed this number to avoid a lapse in taste.

Go to the hairdresser and barber a few days before the wedding so that you look impeccable on the day.

If you are accompanied, match your outfit to that of your partner, whether in terms of colours, materials or style of dress.

Make sure your suit is the right size and shape for you, to avoid any problems on the big day.

Choose clothes that reflect your personality and match your style. Choose patterns, materials and accessories that represent you.

Make sure you’re comfortable, because a wedding can last a whole day or more, with lots of celebrations, photos to be taken and moments of waiting. You need to feel comfortable throughout the day, especially if you’re a great dancer.

Make sure you have a change of clothes for extra comfort after the ceremony. You’ll be able to adopt a more relaxed style without sacrificing elegance.

Don’t forget to accessorise your outfit with a fan, pocket handkerchief, hat, umbrella, etc. Anticipate the unexpected so you’re ready when the time comes.

4 ideas for comfortable, dressy wedding looks.

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