A.P.C & KiD Cudi present INTERACTION#1


A.P.C x KiD Cudi INTERACTION#1 is the new addition to this Spring/Summer2019 collection. A collaboration between the American artist Kid Cudi and the French label A.P.C. eagerly awaited since last year.  We have already detailed these projects with our article “APC Interaction And Jean Touitou’s Label Collaborations.” Today we focus on one of them. So, how did this collection come about?

A.P.C. is not on his first try

First of all, as Jean Touitou, creator of A.P.C., reminds us, “I have always wanted to ask outsiders for their visions of our work, and I remembered my mother’s advice: ask someone to taste it.” The Parisian brand likes working with artists, the latest rapper to date is none other than Kanye West.


Kid Cudi : The Cleveland’s Kid

This is how the rapper from Cleveland was chosen for this collaboration. Recently returned to the forefront with his album Kids See Ghosts produced by Kanye West with visuals by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. The Kid has regained his passion and artistic motivation. He announced this collaboration very modestly in an interview:” I have this small collaboration that I do with the French brand A.P.C. which will be released soon”.

A Subtle Mixture

He was not chosen at random, as Jean Touitou says, “When I first saw Scott (his real name), I immediately understood that it would be possible to work well with him[…]. Between the extreme dignity and sobriety of his appearance, the surprising presence of a rose on his right hand[…] “All it took was for him to be the ideal candidate, bringing his offbeat side and his passion to the brand. But the factor that decided Mr. Touitou was the shadowy part of this character.

Beautiful Madness

The theme of this collection between A.P.C. and Kid Cudi was inspired by “Fire”, one of Kanye and Kid Cudi’s songs, they talk about their failures in life and the people who judge them for it. Instead of worrying about it, they choose to use it as a source of motivation, as J. Touitou tells us “The words heard in one of his songs “Fire” then reasoned in me. These words are “Beautiful Madness”. We can go, I thought to myself, he’s part of the club. »

Complementary entities

For this collection we will find the classic and refined side of the brand mixed with the madness and demons of Kid Cudi. “A red leather jacket[…] with a print evoking hell[…] red sneakers would never have emerged among our proposals without it[…]” says J. Touitou. The presence of more classic pieces using colour spot projections (Dripping Techniques in Art) gives a touch of modernity and audacity to the brand, which is confirmed by the designer “the use of colour spot projections on jeans and t-shirts adds dynamism and joie de vivre to all this ensemble inviting to dream: DREAM ON!”

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