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Adidas Neighborhood : A terrace survival guide


Release Date: Saturday, September 1st – 00:01

Adidas Neighborhood Fall/Winter 2018 has finally arrived, and we are not disappointed, original materials, unique embroidery, military design and an X factor has invited itself in this agreement between the German sportswear giant and the boss of the Japanese underground. Yes, this X factor is none other than Cali Thornhill DeWitt! This name may not tell you anything but you certainly already know his work.

Underground Sportswear

Adidas the timeless 3 stripes

For this new drop, the two labels agreed to revisit the iconic designs of the German brand. We find the famous black tracksuit with white stripes that made the reputation of the equipment manufacturer internationally but also crewnecks, hoodies and t-shirts customized to the Neighborhood sauce.

The Neighborhood Touch

Famous label in the Japanese underground and now worldwide, Neighborhood is known for its designs and cuts inspired by workwear, military and biker gang prints. In short, they are pros when it comes to outerwear. This drop is clearly in their image, military cuts and colors, cropped pants and gothic lettering worthy of “Son’s of Anarchy”, we are well in the Japanese streetwear. But this lettering does not remind you anything?

The X Factor, Cali Thornhill DeWitt Imaging

Yes, it is a typeface very similar to the one used for the merchandising of the album of Kanye West “Life of Pablo”. What a coincidence, you may say, far from it, Cali is the artist behind the merchandising of the album of Mr. West. Multidisciplinary artist, DeWitt has well identified the aesthetics of this collaboration and has arranged it to his sauce, targets in the back, and gothic and Japanese lettering.

Cali Thornhill DeWitt, the Rockstar of Design

But who is this UFO?

Born in Canada, he successively lived in L.A, Seattle and New York to finally settle in the City of Angels where he did a series of small jobs. But that was not enough for him anymore and his creative madness began. Artist, photographer, designer, record label manager and blogger. He is a born creator impossible to put in a box, because even if you tried, the next day you would find him in the one next to it.

Creation as a driving force

Founder of the Teenage Teardrops label, creator of the Zen Mafia, director of the Hope Gallery, editor of several art books, artist exhibited in several museums around the world, Cali is a jack-of-all-trades who succeeds in most of the projects he undertakes. He even appears on the jacket of a Nirvana album, which was possible because he was the nanny of Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of the tortured Kurt Cobain. As you can see, DeWitt is a true free electron when it comes to creation, and that’s what he brought in 2016 to one of his biggest feats in fashion and urban cultures.

When two UFOs meet

It was in 2016 that DeWitt’s career took an unexpected turn, when a certain Kanye West called upon his services for the design and visual identity of his “Life of Pablo” project. If you’re a hermit on a spiritual retreat in Tibet for the past 20 years, Kanye is a bit of a 21st century Elvis on a cocktail of drugs, is that clear? Anyway, back to our UFOs! They understood each other directly, as if they were speaking the same language, that of the genius creator.

A good dose of European sportswear, a hint of Japanese streetwear, seasoned with the vision of Cali Thornhill DeWitt and here is the recipe for a successful street collaboration!

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by Simon Baumer-Poulain