After 35 years of history and culture, A.P.C. is back with a fall/winter collection placed under the sign of friendship, always impregnated with a timeless Parisian elegance.

A small coffee, well black, drunk in a hurry in his favorite bar and served by an old friend. Leaning against the counter, Alex finishes his cup in one go and lights a cigarette in the Parisian greyness. A fine drizzle falls, but Alex is at ease, curled up in his mod parka, his merino “trucker” sweater and his straight cut jeans. Pieces that, except under the heat wave, Alex wears every day. Basics with a patina of time, daily life, parties, life. Briefly, we can say his uniform.

A winter Sunday, cold and melancholic, lulled by the lights of the capital. David, as usual, walked the streets in his “combat gear” – as he likes to repeat – namely his old aviator jacket, a turtleneck, and his cargo pants from the last collaboration between A.P.C. and Jane Birkin. These friends keep telling him that, even in a horde of night owls, they couldn’t miss him. To that he retorts that, nowadays, clothes of good materials, comfortable, Italian manufacture and validated by an icon of the seventies music, it is not made any more… 9:00 am to his watch, David sets out, to recover some pastries, which will help him to overcome the drunken night which he has just passed. On the way, he takes the opportunity to make a stop at his favorite record shop. A bit of afrobeat, funk and folk, David stuffs these few records in his Nino bag and goes back to his burrow. A day of sweet idleness on a Neil Young background awaits him.

As the sun sets over Paris, Samuel prepares to join Marc and Eryn. A terrace? An exhibition? A board game or a cocktail? The night is still young for the three friends. Rather than planning anything, they prefer to let themselves be carried by the wind. Maybe they will meet other friends, maybe they will pass by a bar they have never seen, or maybe they will walk and walk in the Parisian streets. Discovering and rediscovering what they have already seen, what they have forgotten, what they have loved. An eternal restart, a loop of past and future memories. As long as they are together, they will be happy with the journey. Who cares about the destination?

A.P.C. is that. It’s not clothes to go somewhere. it’s clothes to be. That we keep with us for years, that define us, that reflect who we are. A.P.C. allows us to remain ourselves when everything around us is changing. No extravagance, but a real familiarity, a warmth, a return to our roots. A few friends or a few beautiful pieces that we have appropriated like the blanket of our childhood. Our selection for this winter 2022 harbors classic, yet refined pieces including knitwear, coats, shirts, trousers and more. We have selected for you some pieces that will help you to perfect all your daily outfits, through good basic materials that age well, and finishes that live up to their name.