A.P.C. ( Atelier de Production et de Création ) is a French brand founded by Jean Touitou in 1987. Specialized in ready-to-wear and accessories, A.P.C. is especially recognized by its peers for its productions of minimalist jeans in Japanese selvage canvas, with a high quality fiber. The brand, meaning production and design workshop, sometimes partners with other designers or develops parallel lines. Based in Paris, it is now distributed all over the world. The brand draws its inspiration from the minimalist workwear trends of the 90s. The Parisian label has been striving for thirty years now to offer clothes with perfect cuts and quality materials. A.P.C. pieces have succeeded in establishing themselves as the chic and elegant uniform throughout the world.

For the Spring/Summer 2021 season, A.P.C. offers us a collection full of charm with elegant and sophisticated silhouettes. This collection is distinguished by colorful designs, but not without originality. You will find a selection of so-called classic creations dominated by monochrome designs, but also pieces that are a little more extravagant. Faithful to itself, the Parisian label shows an extraordinary know-how by elaborating clothes and accessories that stand out by a resolutely timeless style. Among them are the Parka alan, jackets and t-shirts as well as a wide range of shirts. Of course, the ensemble is accompanied by iconic pieces such as the T-shirt raymond or the Blouson tibo. Very successful, this new APC selection will be highly coveted and promises some nice surprises.

A.P.C. FW20, The French Touch

In our article A.P.C. FW19, the French Touch, we already evoked all the creative genius of the French house in the interpretation of the men's wardrobe. This season the A.P.C. team under the responsibility of its founder presents the FW20 collection with its batch of classic pieces with pure lines. For many years, the French label has been able to forge a very particular label which stands out by its timeless and original creations. The selection offers classic silhouettes of the male and female wardrobe with a singularity so specific to the brand. It continues to explore new trends and appears where it was not necessarily expected. Thus, the AW20 collection fascinates by its streetwear and workwear inspirations and will bring a new dimension to your seasonal wardrobe ... Something that will delight a large part of us.

Ready-to-wear is not the only field in which the French brand excels. As usual, A.P.C. unveils a series of accessories that will allow you to ideally complete your wardrobe. You can count on small leather goods with a choice of bags and wallets, but also on a wide selection of shoes which will be without any doubt the object of a pronounced craze among the brand's enthusiasts.

For women too, you will be able to delight in the seductive yokes and let yourself be seduced by the essential sandals, by our mid-season dress selection or even by the charming half moon bag which for the occasion comes in different sizes and colors. You know how much importance we give to the half moon bag. So much so, that we have dedicated an article to it on our blog. It highlights the advantages of the half moon bag. Concerned about details, the Parisian workshop does not hesitate to shape its pieces with style, privileging quality materials. Like the Joey Creme boots, the albane bag perfectly reflects the design philosophy of the Parisian brand, which combines quality and durability.

A.P.C. denim, Minimalism And Know-How

The success of the Parisian label A.P.C. is largely due to the quality of its pants and denim! The APC jeans and its fabric nicknamed "the Kevlar of jeans" is indeed of first-rate quality. The famous Petit Standard, its little brother the Petit New Standard and its cousin the New Standard have become a must-have in the Parisian wardrobe! To know everything about this emblematic piece, go to our article A.P.C. denim, Minimalisme et Savoir-Faire.

Who Is Jean Touitou, the creative spirit of A.P.C.?

APC's reputation is well established in France and around the world. But do you know who is behind this Parisian fashion empire? An iconic and charismatic figure of the fashion world, it is through the strength of his work that he was able to make his mark and make APC a French monument with a worldwide reputation. It was therefore our responsibility to offer you an article that will allow everyone to know Who is Jean Touitou, La Griffe du Label A.P.C. ? You will learn more about this discreet man with a strong character.


A.P.C. has accustomed us to come out of outstanding collaborations. For the Spring/Summer 2019 season, it was a work with the American artist Kid Cudi that was presented. We could then find visually strong pieces inspired by "fire" a piece by Kid Cudi featuring Kanye West. Jeans, sweaters, tees and beautiful sneakers. Don't forget the red leather perfecto! Find our article A.P.C. x Kid Cudi present Interaction #1.

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