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Beams Plus SS22 or the Art of Hen Shin Kai Ka



The Japanese label, which we are happy to welcome season after season at Graduate, has a philosophy that can be summed up in one simple phrase: “it looks classic, but it’s new at the same time”. Because that’s what Beams Plus is all about!


For the latecomers, a little briefing is in order (we don’t blame you. Not too much.). For Beams Plus, for us and for many others, there is a universal beauty in American clothing from 1945 to 1965. Call it what you will, preppy, americana, vintage, these are just words about a style, a design and a quality that today and more than ever evokes an art of living between elegance, voluptuousness, history and fun.


And Beams Plus is in a way the specialist of this so particular period. And through their erudition, their know-how, and through this Japanese handcrafted technique envied by the whole world, they are then able to propose a version adapted to our modern world. Subtle changes in cuts, materials, patterns … “it looks classic, but it’s new at the same time.”


But what is this Hen Shin Kai Ka? Nothing more or less than a neologism created by the label Beams Plus in this spring-summer 2022 season. It can be translated as follows: Change – Move forward – Bloom – Flower


The Japanese brand uses this term to qualify this diversity of material in their new collections. And a beautiful space is dedicated to organic materials, to living materials. Cotton, wool, linen … Because it is a real pleasure to wear a beautiful organic material, which will age, which will patina. Which, as time goes by, will comfort you more and more, like an old friend who evolves at your side.


And, without being a specialist of Haiku, one can easily see beyond the material in Hen Shin Kai Ka. The work on the patterns for example, with the use of Indian madras on the shirts or the famous Fair Isle patterns.


Many concepts, designs and patterns accompany this new collection from the Japanese label, and as always, one common denominator: style.