BEAMS PLUS began as a small store in Harajuku (Tokyo) in 1976, then grew into one of the largest textile retailers in Japan and Asia with over 50 stores. It wasn't until 1999 that Beams created BEAMS PLUS, a line of the brand that constantly reinvents the classic men's wardrobe, a sort of homage to the 1950s fashion that influenced the designer.

The Japanese brand is armed with a range typical of the classic American look of the mid-20th century. Don't just see it as nostalgia for a bygone era, but rather a search for authenticity, in the service of renewing the leisure wardrobe of the next generations. Between the heritage, Japanese streetwear and American preppy (almost Ivy League), the BEAMS PLUS branch offers products with careful finishes and classic cuts transpiring the Aiibi heritage.

BEAMS PLUS FW21 Season: Late 60's

Always based on a reinterpretation of the American aesthetic and lifestyle of yesteryear, BEAMS PLUS gives a new spin to its Ivy classics, as a final tribute for such an influential style. The innovative label once again revisits different cultures through its own filter and this is reflected in the materials or the fabric used during the making. In our article "The New FW21 Beams Plus Collection. Drop I & II", marked by the end of the 60s, BEAMS PLUS confronts formal and casual dressing, offering us products that break the genres, giving a modern style that is wearable today, tomorrow, or yesterday. We find here all the requirement of the quality and the Japanese know-how of the brand, in particular on its pieces in 100% cotton woven in French Terry, dyed with natural pigments. For this new collection BEAMS PLUS thus cultivates its taste to offer us jacket, oxford shirt, cardigan, corduroy pants and other parkas with materials all more noble than the others.

BEAMS: American style made in Japan

1976, this year will forever mark the arrival of BEAMS in the world of good taste and therefore fashion for men and women. Etsuzo Shitara also nicknamed "Yo Shitara" is at the origin of this brand that will eventually manage to open more than 50 stores on the Japanese territory. In our article "BEAMS : The American Style Made In Japan", we return on the traces of this brand which knew, over the years, to propose collections of clothes always more engaged and always more worked. Nowadays, the label is an absolute reference if you are looking for clothes in the old style Preppy / Ivy League, with an impeccable quality and impeccable. Among the iconic pieces of this particular style are cotton oxford shirt, cardigan, jacket and other wool coats. Also through this writing we present you the concept of Ametora which literally means How Japan saved the American style. A writing that will therefore teach you more about the obsession of the Japanese for the fashion world as well intended for men as for women.

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