Beams plus

BEAMS started as a small shop in Harajuku (Tokyo) in 1976 has grown into one of the largest textile retailers in Japan and Asia with more than 50 shops. It was only in 1999 that Beams created BEAMS PLUS, a range of the label that constantly reinvents the classic men's wardrobe. The Japanese brand is armed with an imagery that is typical of the classic American looks of the mid-20th century. Don't just see it as nostalgia for a bygone era, but more as a search for authenticity, in the service of the renewal of the leisure wardrobe of the next generations.
Between heritage, Japanese streetwear and American preppy (almost Ivy League), the BEAMS PLUS branch offers beautifully finished pieces.

For this FW20 collection, the brand is going full steam ahead with patterns, patchwork, an incredible sourcing of materials, color block corduroy shirts and many other crazy items to come and discover now on the Graduate Store website or in the shops.

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