BEAMS PLUS, the new 2021 collection in France.


Review of BEAMS PLUS collection spring summer 2021, between tradition and modernity.

Created in 1976 in Tokyo by Etsuzo Shitara, the first BEAMS boutique offers an alternative to traditional Japanese clothing. It makes the Ivy League look accessible to the japanese.

After several decades of a surprising and sustainable selection of ready-to-wear, the BEAMS PLUS collection spring summer 2021 label has established itself in our French dressing rooms.

Review of the latest Beams Plus collections.

Based on the American aesthetics and lifestyle of the 1940s to 50s, BEAMS PLUS brings a new life to American fashion classics in a research focused on quality.

Historians of the U.S. subculture, the brand’s designers have drawn us into their “spatio-temporal singularity” by offering us a casual and formal wardrobe that echoes the original codes of the “glorious thirty”.

The brand has proved that even the most nostalgic among us have no reason to envy the past. From Ivy League prep’ in informal suits, their collections focused on workwear, sportswear and the classics of U.S. Army uniforms.

Evolution of BEAMS dressing room.

On the previous collection, the label gave us a glimpse of a turning point in their “aiibi” inspiration (the Japanese pronunciation of Ivy).

It softened the conformism of their wardrobe by confronting it with traditional indian ethnic motifs. Their Madras gain in bright colors and bring joy to its peaceful tones. Are we going to change decade?

Preppy or not, Here I Come, You Can’t Hide.

This pun doesn’t mean anything, but let’s face it, it’s fun. The BEAMS PLUS collection spring summer 2021 on our shop takes us to the end of the 60’s. I’ll wear a blazer, but with flowers!

For 2021, the brand’s line has taken a turn. Its military uniforms seem to have changed its message. They no longer represent the universal and utilitarian pieces, but proclaim that the war is over.

New inspirations

In fact, the Japanese brand is once again delivering its version of the American tradwear, enhancing its classics with ethnic motifs and bright colors inspired by Indian influences, all in sophisticated fabrics with a surprising touch.

The label confronts formal and casual dressing. In this collection we can find their vintage wardrobe like polo shirt, Harrington jacket, khaki chino, striped tee shirt, sport jacket, knit vest, cardigan. Merging with batik and paisley patterned pieces, the result is striking.

The quality of Japanese clothing.

But BEAMS PLUS is not only about innovation and style, it’ s also about the demand for quality and Japanese expertise, for example, the use of antique machines to make the jersey. Loopwheelers are large circular machines, invented at the end of the 19th century, which require a lot of experience.

And if you master this craft, you can produce T-shirts, sweatshirt jerseys, and a whole range of ready-to-wear clothes with an incredibly comfortable and casual look. Beams Plus is an innovative label that revisits different cultures through its own filter.

But so what? Preppy or not Preppy?

At Graduate we’re not going to hide it, we’re not too much into incense sticks and sitar. For us, the Beatles looked better before their trip to India. And you can see, the BEAMS PLUS collection spring summer 2021 has the power to release vintage clothes today that have the same contemporary impact as their post-war American precursors.

Japanese know-how.

We were also seduced by the great technicality and savoir-faire. For example, the unique coloring technique that uses natural and ecological dyes, and a vegetable component that combined together gives synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon a natural and deep color. The processing of cotton, linen and synthetics is just crazy.

Our selection of the BEAMS PLUS collection spring summer 2021.

So at Graduate, for this summer, we decided to select the timeless pieces of the BEAMS collection.

Classics like the 100% linen cardigan with jacquard pattern, that with a little twist offers contemporary and contrasting looks. The hooded coat, designed from a period military garment has an impressive madras pattern, but remains in a calm color tone.

This selection of pieces breaks up genres, blends and creates new ones, giving a modern style, a wearable look today, tomorrow, yesterday.