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Massimo Osti, or the birth of casual techwear


Combine Italian craftsmanship with sportswear inspirations, and find the essence of CP Company in all its splendor. Originally named Chester Perry, the brand was founded in the early 70s by Italian graphic designer Massimo Osti.
From the outset, the brand stood out for its ambition, both in technical terms and for its original, avant-garde inspirations.

Starting out with simple printed T-shirts, Osti quickly gained in popularity and his collections diversified.
For some, the end of the 70s was marked by Pink Floyd, but for Massimo Osti, 1978 was a year of justice, as the Italian designer was forced to change his name after the Chester Barry and Fred Perry brands accused him of using their respective names. CP Company was born, and with it came other changes, such as the introduction of new textile processing techniques that made the garments unique.
In fact, the Italian brand produced garments that were piece-dyed, i.e. colored after assembly of the various garment components.

The piece-dyeing method is not new, but Massimo Osti and his team revolutionize it by applying it to finished garments made from a variety of fibers. The process results in deeper colors and an aged look that lends a singular authenticity to these pieces, becoming one of the brand’s signatures. Today, CP Company still offers 70% of its catalog dyed in this way. Can you imagine being a fashion designer for a moment? What would you draw your inspiration from? Massimo Osti has the answer right away: drawing inspiration from military and sportswear pieces, he creates a unique universe, transforming sportswear into citywear.
For example, a mountaineer’s jacket is transformed into the famous Deerskin Down Jacket, providing a new winter alternative to the wool coat of the 70s.

Nor did Dutch police uniforms escape Osti’s keen eye, seeing their jackets as the future Dutch Jacket Police, or the pieces worn by the Japanese Civil Defence, which would later give life to the famous Goggles, those eyeglass lenses integrated directly into the fabric, the brand’s signature. First on collars, then on hoods, goggles became an integral part of CP Company in the late 80s. CP Company is avant-garde, and this can be felt not only in its diverse inspirations, but also in Massimo Osti’s values, an integral part of his brand. In 1988, the designer teamed up with singer Sting in a campaign against deforestation. The brand grew and established itself as a leader in its field.

This expertise will enable the brand to develop its own components, such as CP Shell Recycled, made from recycled polyester yarns.
The addition of recycled polyester helps conserve limited natural resources. The balance is preserved between water-repellency and high breathability, making it a quality element for any room, while maintaining environmental values that were already important at the time.
Massimo Osti continued to innovate and invent new materials. For example, the emblematic 50 Fili fabric, fused with a polyurethane film, represents a major breakthrough in the textile history of C.P. Company. Skillfully combining nylon and cotton inspired by American military parkas, 50 Fili stands out for its versatility. Its polyurethane coating adds wind and water resistance, making it one of the most versatile fabrics ever created by C.P. Company. It’s an optimal choice for highly technical outerwear, demonstrating the brand’s innovative expertise in advanced materials.

For the first time in 10 years, Graduate is opening its doors to the famous Italian label to offer you a range of quality products, resistant to the elements thanks to constant innovation. You’ll find the CP Company collection and its varied technologies on our premises. One of these is DD Shell Nylon, a lightweight, ripstop, windproof component that you’ll find in our DD Down Jackets.
PS: all CP Company items come with a certilogo, a QR code on the label for easy product authentication.

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