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Comme des Garçons Play, A Style Statement


A bold fashion brand, without complex and sometimes shocking. Today, let’s take a look at a label that has been the subject of a lot of ink, welcome to the world of Comme des Garçons Play. A look back at a brand with an avant-garde style created in a small studio in Tokyo. Embark with us for the capital of Japan to discover a label ahead of its time.


Rei Kawakubo, simply inspiring



Rei Kawabuko, Japanese designer and founder of the brand is an influential personality in the fashion world. Often likened to the antifashion movement of the 1980s, she made her debut in Paris during a fashion show that would be described as Hiroshima chic, particularly for its visible seams and torn clothes.


The stylist strikes hard and upsets the codes of Western fashion by going against the trends. Rei Kawabuko, who has received numerous awards for her talent, is an important figure in the fashion world in recent decades. It does not manufacture clothing, but innovative clothing.

An avant-garde note



Launched in 2002, the Play line is the most popular range at Comme des Garçons. A more relaxed and playful aesthetic that contrasts with the usually non-conformist pieces of the Japanese company. The famous heart-shaped logo with eyes is a creation of the New York artist Filip Pagowski.




It can be found in different ways on pieces such as Comme Des Garçons Play, ranging from embroidered patches to multiple prints. The brand uses a simple but terribly effective palette of colours, as shown by the prestigious collaborations with Converse, Drake and Kanye West. There are sportswear items such as hoodies, zipped jackets and t-shirts.


A modern look


Comme des Garçons Play, it’s not just a red heart embroidered on the chest. The brand offers a wide selection influenced by the rebellious and anti-establishment spirit of its founder. There are classic models such as the red heart embroidered t-shirt, cardigans or polo shirts perfectly crafted and made of lightweight cotton. This season, we also find the famous Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers or the colorful sailors and sweatshirts.


The spring-summer 2019 season is marked by the use of bright shades such as mustard yellow or purple. The brand offers pieces with a graphic and colorful style that have nothing to envy competitors. The appearance of prints on the sleeves once again demonstrates the Japanese company’s perpetual desire to innovate.

by Florent Dal Ben-Salles

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