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Comme des Garçons Play is a Japanese fashion brand created in 1969 by Rei Kawakubo and is the sole owner. Launched in 2002, the Play range has a more casual and playful aesthetic. The line rethinks the classics of women's and men's dressing. This range is intended to be more accessible. The founder of the label describes it as the collection that plays and has fun. There are more than ten different collections which are respectively designed by Kawakubo, Junya Watanabe, Fumito Ganryu and Tao Kurihara. Its emblematic logo, a red heart, was created by New York artist Filip Pagowski. It can be found under multiple distinctions ranging from simple embroidered patches to multicolor prints. The brand also offers a wide selection influenced by the rebellious and protesting spirit of its founder.

For this new Spring/Summer 2021 Season, the famous Japanese brand Comme des garçons is back with its unique heart-shaped logo collection. Always in a minimalist and elegant spirit, the label Comme des garçons offers us first of all T-shirts from the Black Play collection.

Then, for more hearts and for the sunny seasons, Comme des garçons presents us its marinières, and its colored sweaters. For those who like heart printed shoes, you can also count on the collaboration with Converse to perfect your outfits.

Focus on the new AW20 Collection

After having conquered us with its zipped hoodie with embroidered logo, CdG Play is ready to amaze us. As usual, the brand with a heart as chest logo presents us a new collection full of enthusiasm and freshness. For this fall, the label has bet on tangy colored pieces. Long-sleeved tees with a striped marnière finish, as well as tops topped with the printed heart logo. This season, the Comme des Garçons Play cardigan with embroidered patches and the Comme des Garçons Play jacket will be available in different colors. You will also find a wide range of creations topped with the irresistible embroidered heart-shaped logo. In the SS20 continuity, you will find light pieces such as the irresistible logo polo shirt or the long-sleeved tee. For fans of shoes with a heart-shaped logo, you can also count on the collaboration with Converse to perfect your seasonal outfits.

The essentials of the season FW20

As you now know better than anyone else, the brand with a printed heart dazzles us all with its talent and vision of ready-to-wear. Despite the plethora of novelties, Rei Kawakubo insists on keeping some basics. For the fall/winter season, we can count on the essential Comme des Garçons Play cardigan, the seductive logo shirt, the zippered patch hoodie and the Comme des Garçons Play jacket. The t-shirt with the large printed logo will be available in different colors. No doubt that these pieces will bring a dreadful style to your seasonal outfits.

Who Is Rei Kawakubo, Emblematic Figure Of Fashion?

Many people know Comme des Garçons Play without knowing who is behind this Japanese empire. Driven by an endless creative freedom, Rey Kawakubo (founder) has become a leading figure in modern fashion. His non-conformist vision has created a tidal wave in the fashion world. In 2003, she created the brand Comme des Garçons Play, known worldwide for its famous heart patch. Today, the brand is recognized worldwide for its style, but also for the quality of its works. At Graduate Store, we place a lot of importance on the creators. This passion for fashion convinced us to write the article : Who is Rey Kawakubo, an emblematic figure of fashion; which retraces its formidable journey.

Comme des Garçons Play, A Style Statement

In 2002, the Japanese label launched the Play range. Better known under the diminutive CDG Play, for Comme des Garçons Play, this collection is intended to be more casual and playful. It contrasts with the brand's usually more elaborate and anti-conformist pieces.

The famous heart-shaped logo with eyes was created by New York artist Filip Pagowski. The collection is composed of zipped sweatshirts, long sleeves topped with a chest logo and stripes or the basic patch cardigan. Comme des Garçons Play has made its mark in today's fashion thanks to collaborations with Converse. Centered around the Chuck Taylor 70, this partnership has marked a whole generation with iconic sneakers that are appreciated by all. The polka dot and logo patch model reveals the limitless creativity of the Japanese label. Celebrities such as Drake and Kanye West also contributed to the brand's growth among the millennials. The two American rappers were often seen wearing the Comme des Garçons Play cardigan with the embroidered logo, the long sleeves with chest logo and stripes, the polo shirt with logo or the zipped hoodie with patch. Find our article Comme des Garçons Play, a statement of style in which we retrace the crazy rise of the brand with its avant-garde philosophy. 

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