Comme des garÇons play

Comme des Garçons Play is a Japanese fashion brand created in 1969 by Rei Kawakubo which she is the only owner. Launched in 2002, the Play range is more relaxed and playful.  This range is intended to be more accessible. The founder of the label describes it as the collection that plays and has fun.There are more than a dozen different collections that are respectively designed by Kawakubo, Junya Watanabe, Fumito Ganryu and Tao Kurihara. Its iconic logo, a red heart, was created by New York artist Filip Pagowski. It is found in many distinctions ranging from simple embroidered patch to multiple color print. The brand also offers a wide selection influenced by the rebellious spirit and protest of its founder.

For this Spring / Summer 2019 season Comme des Garçons Play by Rei Kawakubo manages to infuse a timeless optimism into this collection, using aesthetic cues that are immediately recognizable worldwide. This collection is very marked by bright shades like mustard yellow or purple. She offers us colorful pieces with a logo put forward and which takes place, sometimes repeated, in the back of the garment. We also notice the appearance of printed text on the sleeve that demonstrates once again the desire for innovation of the Japanese brand.

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