What size for CP Company pieces ?

C.P Company, or originally known as ‘Chester Perry’, is a label founded by Massimo Osti in 1978. Revolutionary in its atypical and innovative approach, C.P Company set itself apart from what was usually done by breaking the codes of traditional clothing. Its attraction to utilitarian and functional items from technical trades, combined with its textile experimentation, gave rise to never-before-seen pieces. A unique fabric blend developed in-house combined with a piece-dyeing process has enabled C.P Company to create innovative items using cutting-edge technologies never before deployed for civilian garments.

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Tips for choosing the right size to suit your preferences

To be sure you’re buying a piece that suits you, it’s important to know your body type and measurements so you can refer to the brand’s size guide. You can then choose a piece according to the style you want to adopt. Depending on the piece, you can opt for a size up for an oversized look, or your usual size for a more classic fit.

C.P Company's cutting characteristics

The C.P Company collections feature several different cuts.
The slim fit is ideal for people who want to wear slim-fitting pieces that follow the lines of the body.
The regular or straight cut is loose and comfortable, more suited to people between two sizes.
The oversized cut gives you a wide range of movement. It’s perfect for layering. This loose-fitting pair will allow you to layer your garments for optimum insulation coupled with great freedom of movement.

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Graduate store's returns policy

When you place an order on the Graduate store website, you have a right of return. To do so, you must make a return request to our customer service contact@graduatestore.fr. A confirmation acknowledging receipt of this return request will be sent to you. As soon as we receive this confirmation, you have 14 days to return the product. After this period, your return will be refused. Please note: on receipt, our services will check the conformity of the returned product and the reason for return. If the returned product is not in conformity, it will be refused by our services and will be sent back to you, at your expense.

Tips for minimising returns by choosing the right size

To make a confident purchase, you can refer to our descriptions on the product sheets. A suggested look will be provided and will give you an idea of how the piece matches the rest of the outfit. You’ll also find the size of the mannequin and the size of the garment worn.En plus de ces informations, notre équipe de vendeur se tient à votre disposition par mail ou par téléphone pour vous conseiller grâce à leur connaissances et leur expérience de terrain. Et si besoin rendez vous sur le site de C.P Company ou vous retrouverez les dimentions exact de chaque vêtements grâce à leur guide de taille.

Testimonies and Experiences

There are a large number of informative videos about C.P Company on platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, blogs etc… This feedback from specialist users can provide you with a wealth of information about the quality, comfort and measurements of certain pieces.

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Advices from stylists or fashion experts to choose the perfect size

There are no absolute rules when it comes to clothing, just different visions and feelings. As we can see from the evolution of fashion, something that’s not very popular can quickly become the new norm. However, there are a few tips that can help you feel more comfortable in your outfits.

Just one piece of advice: dress according to your body shape. A stocky person won’t look their best in slim/skinny trousers. It’s better to opt for a regular fit, which will give the impression of elongating your silhouette. On the other hand, for a slim person, a regular fit can create an oversized effect. So it’s important to know your body shape so you can choose a cut that suits your aesthetic needs.

In conclusion

To sum up, it’s important to choose the cut of your clothes according to the look you want. You can refer to the photos of the mannequins on the product sheets, as well as the sizes worn. These steps are crucial to ensuring that your outfit is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. However, if you still have any doubts, don’t hesitate to call our sales team for expert advice. Their expertise will guide you towards the right choices, helping you to assert your style and enhance your figure. Elegance and self-confidence start with thoughtful clothing choices, and our team is there to support you at every stage of your shopping experience.

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