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Homecore : A french history of streetwear


Homecore is not just a brand … it’s the symbol of a culture and a movement. Today, we are going to tell you the story of a French icon and its founder, intimately linked with the arrival of a movement in France. For better or for worse, never in the trend but always in the right direction. (All our Homecore items available here)

Alexandre Guarneri: The man at the heart of the project

He is the man behind the logo, the man who has imposed his vision of street-wear, hip-hop culture and fashion in general, without concession and staying true to his values. Alexandre Guarneri is more than just a designer, he likes to think about fashion, to see it as an accessory intended to help man whether it is to assert himself or simply for his daily life. He immersed himself very early in the hip-hop culture and the Parisian underground. Because Homecore is above all the symbol of a culture and a passion.

The emergence of street-wear in France

It is often presented as the precursor of the street movement in France, long before the Com8, Bullrot Wear, Royal Wear, even before the Americans like FUBU or Karl Kani. Alexandre Guarneri started with a buddy of his brother in the 80’s, Steph Cop, selling some custom t-shirts in concerts and other Hip-hop events, such as Zulu Party (Zulu Nation, label of the legendary Afrika Bambaataa). Then came the time of the round trips Paris/New-York and his business of importing American clothes like Fila Fitness sneakers or Carhartt, everything the rappers wore, he bought it. He would then sell his finds to certain stores in Chatelet, until he opened his first shop, Double Source.  

Homecore: Rich history

Double Source quickly established itself as the place to undermine for hip-hop culture lovers and the reference for streetwear in Paris. But many followed and the market tended to saturate, that’s when Alexandre had an idea; to make his own clothes. He heard that Refrigiwear, an American workwear brand that he liked, was manufacturing its pieces in Portugal, so he went there. And in 1992, Homecore was born. Pure streetwear, adorned with the famous Dynamics logo, the flame and the cross, in reference to the paint bombs. Only one slogan, “Peace, Love, Unity & having fun! ».

A new vision of street-wear

Over the years, Alexandre’s vision of streetwear evolved along with him. By placing the human being at the heart of the brand. This is a value that is omnipresent in the design of the Homecore collections, notably with the famous red line on the back that emphasizes the inner structure of the human body along the spine. The reason for this evolution, a thumb of nose to the system and to the record industry that have over the years appropriated the hip-hop culture, pushing Guarneri to slide towards more timeless collections 4 years after the creation of the label. The brand has also taken a responsible turn by using recycled and organic cotton.

Even if Alexandre Guarneri remains attached to his history, as he showed by reissuing his Dynamics collection in collaboration with the rapper Kekra & Niska, he has evolved his brand along with his own person, refusing to participate in the popularization of street culture.A lot of early fans reproach him for turning his direction, but this is not a sign of great respect for this movement.  Because hip-hop is not a fashion, it’s a culture, a movement that was built in opposition to the system that has now engulfed it. 

Par Simon Baumer-Poulain