Homecore is a brand created in 1994. Its founder, Alexandre Guarneri wants his brand to be in his image. It is symbolized by these approaches: freedom of expression, freedom of movement. Initially specialized in more streetwear trends, the brand moved away from this movement to refocus on a more casual collection, while keeping the principles of the brand's founder. The garments are designed in high quality fabrics while favoring worked cuts. The material game is very important.

To remain at the heart of trends, the brand produces reversible jackets in cotton and wool that allow to stay in our time while recalling the history of the brand. We find everything to dress from head to toe, the pants are in all its states and the shirt is put on a pedestal.

Homecore has 3 stores in France, two in Paris and one in Lyon. They all help to reinforce its unique identity. Its values are pushed to the extreme to serve a single purpose. When you enter its stores, you feel harmony with yourself.

For its SS21 collection, the brand has chosen to work on sober and elegant items, while forgetting to add a little color. The simplicity and the precision of the line make the brand a must to integrate in its wardrobe. We can find soft knits, offering us great comfort, but also reversible jackets that remind us of another time, when the brand was making streetwear.
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