Homecore is a brand created by Alexandre Guarneri in 1994. The values of the brand are symbolized by their approaches: Freedom of expression, freedom of movement. Initially specialized in streetwear, the Parisian brand then refocused on a more casual collection while keeping the founding principles of the brand. The clothes are designed in high quality fabrics while favoring cuts worked according to the founder's vision. Thanks to its impact in the history of French streetwear with its Homecore Dynamics range, the brand has established itself as a key player in French fashion. Shirts, jackets, pants ... all the pieces are designed as a whole, in harmony with the values of the label. Clothes designed for everyday life in correlation with the times. Each item of the line, from shirts to pants, including the famous reversible jackets, is designed in a responsible manner through the manufacture and quality of the cotton.

Alexandre Guarneri conceives his seasons with his head and his values without wanting to follow the trend at all costs, because wanting to follow the current trend can mean losing sight of his convictions, falling into fast consumption far from the daily life utility of clothing. His creations are not vulgar "things" they are very beautiful creations as much in terms of design as in terms of ethics.

For their FW20 collection, the brand chose to work on sober and elegant pieces. The simplicity and the accuracy of the line make the brand a must to integrate in its wardrobe. One finds in particular meshes with soft colors, offering us a very great comfort. The famous logo is always present. The lovers of the brand or people looking for quality will appreciate this beautiful collection.

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