Homecore is a brand created in 1994 in Paris. Its founder, Alexandre Guarneri, wants his brand to be like him, streetwear with a hip-hop background. It is symbolized by these approaches: freedom of expression, freedom of movement. Initially specializing in hip hop trends, the brand then moved away from this movement to refocus on a more casual factory, while keeping the principles of the founder of the brand.

Homecore clothes are designed in high quality cotton fabrics while favoring well-crafted and regular cuts, at the right price unlike some brands that inflate the prices in relation to a quality that leaves something to be desired. The play on materials is very present, the clothes of Alexandre Guarneri's brand have become references in the Paris style.

To remain at the heart of trends, Alexandre Guarneri's brand produces shirts, trousers, sweaters or a reversible jacket in cotton and wool that allows to remain contemporary while recalling the style of the brand. We find everything to dress from head to toe, with an excellent style/price ratio, the trousers are in all their forms and the cotton shirt (Pala shirts, with organic cotton, and recycled cotton) or linen (Tokyo Linen shirts) is put on a pedestal. Without forgetting the Rodger tee shirt in organic cotton, with the famous symbolic red border as on a crew neck or a shirt.

Homecore clothing a brand inspired by Paris and Hip Hop

Homecore has 3 stores in France, two in Paris and one in Lyon. They all allow to reinforce its unique identity. Its values are pushed to the extreme to serve a single purpose. When you enter its stores, you feel in harmony with yourself. This is one of the "tricks" that makes the label one of the best brands in France, in addition to bringing you a style that is foolproof and at the right price. After many years of collaboration with Homecore, you can find crew neck, jackets and trousers in our selection.

The new Homecore clothing collection

For its SS21 collection, Alexandre Guarneri's brand has chosen to work on elegant pieces, without forgetting to bring a little color in its factory. The simplicity and accuracy of the regular line make the brand a must-have in his wardrobe, for an excellent value for money. We find in particular a line of crew neck in soft knitwear offering us a great comfort, the classic with the elegant and regualr line, from the trousers to the shirt (shirts Tokyo and Pala in organic cotton and recycled cotton) with always a beautiful material, but also a reversible jacket which comes to recall the cotton fabrics straight from another time. Those of the brands of clothing and accessories with an affirmed hip hop style.

Homecore : A History Of Streetwear In France

More than one of the great clothing brands of its time, it is above all an era, a style and a community, and how to live in harmony with it, whatever the price. In our article "Homecore: A History Of Streetwear In France", we look back at the career of Alexandre Guarneri, head of the label, the beginnings of the brand, and the close link it had with the hip hop world. Plus a few anecdotes and other tips to shine at parties. There is no doubt that Alexandre Guarneri has made Homecore a brand with a unique character, playing with materials such as cotton or wool to create clothes with a strong style.

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