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Last Resort AB, by skaters for skaters


If you are not very familiar with the Sakteboarding world, the name of Pontus Alv doesn’t ring a bell. However, he is the head of one of the world’s leading skateboarding companies, since 2011, of one of the most influential brands in the industry : Polar Skate co. His experience comes from a solid background as a professional skateboarder in the 90’s, mainly in the San Francisco Bay Area.


When he came back to Malmö, Sweden, he matured his style and expressed himself differently in the skateboarding world, through visual productions, videos and even the creation of new spots ; so much so that he will gradually succeed in putting his his hometown on the map of the unavoidable destinations in the pilgrimage of riders from all over the world.


Polar Skate Co quickly and firmly established itself as the standard bearer of a new era of riding, more modern, more instinctive and creative.


It’s in Portugal in 2019 that he meets again an old friend from his his pro skate career, Sami, who talks to him about his vision of the industry industry, his projects, life, and his work through the company Last Resort AB company, founded in 2018 with his friend Daniel. Sami and Daniel are already developing high-end sneakers, and Pontus shares with them his desire to create skate shoes.


That’s how he joined the team and became an equal partner in the project, and the trio set out to create a line of shoes, a nod to past glories and their non-conformism to the corporate world.


Launched in 2020, the label now presents a second drop of their models, along with some t-shirts and accessories.