Last resort ab

It all starts during the year 2018 in Sweden. Pontus Alv is a young pro skateboarder from Malmö with skateboarding dreams in his head. Following the creation of his brand Polar Skateboard Co, fervent defender of "do it yourself", Pontus is not totally satisfied with the large multinationals that monopolize the business of skate shoes. So in 2018, with Sami his partner, he decided to create a brand of skate shoes to his image.

Following their meeting in Portugal in a local bar, the two partners decided to launch the brand. That's how Last Resort AB was born, along with another brand called 3-3-20. Last Resort AB's goal was to offer shoes made for skateboarders and by skateboarders, combining comfort, resistance and affordable prices. Today, the small label Last Resort AB keeps growing and offers 3 different sneaker models as well as a line of clothing and accessories to accompany your outfit.

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