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F/W   22 — 23

Winter is coming! Yes, it’s no surprise that December is cold again this year, and you’ll be desperately looking for something to keep you warm. But this year again, you know that we will accompany you as it should be by proposing you our favorites among the best items available on the market. The winter season is especially for many of us the opportunity to get out our best weapons to prepare outfits all more furnished and worked than the others. Layering, accessories, hats & gloves: no detail is left to chance. But what would your outfit be without the centerpiece of winter, the coat? Whatever your style, we bet you’ll find at least one piece that suits your taste among this small winter selection. Puffer, duffle coat or parka, let us guide you and discover some of our best sellers


Down jackets are one of the classics of the winter wardrobe. Not only do they protect you from the cold, but they also take you on a journey to the clouds and give you that indescribable feeling of comfort that comes with down padding. There is now something for everyone, from neutral colors to graphic prints, and different types of technical or cut. This year, we are pleased to offer a wide selection of products including the inevitable Polo Ralph Lauren puffer (special mention for the Paisley jacket), more upscale models with the range of Crescent Downworks, the latest arrivals from Wild Things and their military inspiration, or the traditional down jackets from Stussy, Patta or Carhartt that will delight a public more sensitive to streetwear style and graphic prints.

THE varsity jacket

Varsity jackets, or Teddy’s, refer to jackets worn by American students for over 100 years. Widespread in popular culture, the teddy has now become a classic that the streetwear world has largely seized. Whether you are a fan of college, Ivy League or Hip hop, you will surely find what you are looking for in our offer. Ami played on a classic college-inspired piece, while Ralph Lauren offers a more committed piece with tiger head patches. Some bombers are also present in the offer, at YMC, President’s or Neighborhood among others. Junya Watanabee also graces us with some exceptional pieces that will delight the most demanding.

THE parka

Originating from the regions around Antarctica, it was first worn by the Inuits to protect themselves from the cold, with its fur hood. It has the characteristic of merging several types of coat in one, presenting all the advantages of a down jacket, a trench coat and a jacket. It is not insignificant if the American army has made it one of the classic clothes of the uniform. Nevertheless, it has greatly evolved with the years and technologies, and can now be worn in a multitude of contexts, from rainy and hot weather to dry cold. Our selection includes very technical garments with pieces from Stone Island or Wild Things, and more lifestyle pieces from APC or Polo Ralph Lauren.


Coats are an essential part of your wardrobe. The fall and winter seasons are a wonderful excuse to get out these clothes that immediately add a touch of elegance to your silhouette. Duffle coat, trench coat, these long coats will warm you up better than a jacket or a blouson by covering part of your legs and retaining most of your body heat. Barena presented us with some magnificent pieces, APC continues to feed us with classics that they master to perfection, and we also selected some masterpieces at Engineered Garments that are really worth a look as the details of assembly are complex and well done.


Membranes are not only for extreme sports or mountain lovers, but they are now increasingly found in city outfits since the lifestyle culture has completely integrated them. Resistant to wind, rain and mildew, they are a precious asset in your wardrobe when you get caught by the weather. Arcteryx, Houdini, Stone Island, and Goldwin among others are labels that offer exceptional products in terms of technology, light and easy to carry.


Fleece is the reference in terms of warm and breathable clothing, but it is no less comfortable! Like down jackets, fleece immediately gives a very pleasant feeling. Thin and light enough, they are often the perfect allies for dry cold weather. Our selection features a wide range of fleeces, including Manastash and Coldbreaker, graphic models at AWAKE, or more dressy ones at YMC… no doubt you’ll find one to suit you.


Little sisters of the puffers, the sleeveless down jackets know a crazy success too. They will allow you to be more imaginative in the creation of your outfits since they are composed directly with the layers you will have underneath. T-shirt, hoodie, sweater or knitted cardigan, our selection will fit all your wardrobe. Special mention to the puff vest from Beams Plus which delighted us this season!