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The varsity jacket , also known as the letterman jacket , letter jacket , or even teddy , is an iconic fashion piece with its roots in the United States, specifically in American high schools...
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The varsity jacket, also known as the letterman jacket, letter jacket, or even teddy, is an iconic fashion piece with its roots in the United States, specifically in American high schools and universities. Its origin dates back to the year 1865, when the baseball team of Harvard University first introduced it. Since then, it has been widely popularized through advertisements and has conquered the general public, becoming a staple of collegiate style.

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The History of the Varsity Jacket

The Origin of this Jacket within American Universities

Originally, the varsity jacket was used to display membership in a sports team, notably in baseball, or a school activity. It was often adorned with the first letter of the school or team name. Some versions, featuring stars, were reserved for the team captain. Since its inception, the varsity jacket has appeared on television screens in numerous series and advertisements, proudly worn by college baseball players. As a result, this garment has become a fashion piece that evokes the spirit and style of American students at college and university.

The Evolution of this Collegiate Jacket

Over the years, the concept of the varsity jacket has evolved to include achievements beyond sports. Some schools started awarding letterman jackets for artistic, academic, or other school activities. This gave the jacket a more philosophical character, symbolizing merit and excellence in all fields. Additionally, while it was initially predominantly designed for men, it has adapted to offer models for women, thus appealing to a broader audience.

Key Information to Master the Varsity Jacket Style

The color of the jacket is usually the primary color of the school, although some students may customize the color according to their preferences. Men's varsity jackets typically feature a striped collar, while women's jackets often have a snap-buttoned hood that unbuttons to reveal a broader collar.

The varsity jacket is an iconic style that has endured for decades and passed through generations. It symbolizes membership in a school or sports team, as well as merit and excellence in all areas. It is a timeless wardrobe piece that can add style to any occasion.

The Difference Between the Varsity Jacket and its Cousin, the Bomber

Indeed, the varsity jacket can be compared to the vintage style of the bomber jacket, which has its origins in the US military in the 1950s. The bomber jacket was initially an identity marker, notably for skinheads, before becoming a significant element of gangsta rap style.

However, the two jackets differ in the presence of the letter on the varsity jacket, as well as their diversity of colors. While the varsity jacket can come in a multitude of colors, the bomber jacket is typically olive green and often presented in leather. Both jackets, though, share the status of timeless pieces, representing American jacket style while adding a vintage touch to any look.

Below, we present some of the varsity jackets available in our store, all ready to be shipped at various prices:

  • The Junya Watanabe Man Wj-018 Pendleton Varsity Charcoal
  • The Teddy from Ami
  • The Varsity from Ralph Lauren
  • The Corazon Varsity Jacket Black from AWAKE NY

The Junya Watanabe Man Wj-018 Pendleton Varsity Charcoal

The Junya Watanabe Man Wj-018 Pendleton Varsity Charcoal jacket is the result of a collaboration with Pendleton. This varsity jacket, made of a blend of wool, features a Navajo pattern on the front and back. It has a shawl collar, cowhide leather sleeves, a snap-button closure, two welt pockets on the front, and a zippered chest pocket. Made in Japan from wool and cotton, this padded piece is contrasted with buttered leather sleeves, abstract jacquard, and striped trims, offering a stunning color contrast.

Key information about the Junya Watanabe Man Wj-018 Pendleton Varsity Charcoal:

  • Shawl Collar
  • Button Closure
  • Made in Japan

This jacket perfectly embodies the vintage style sought after in a varsity jacket, faithfully approaching the iconic collegiate style of American schools.

Washing Instructions:

It is recommended to dry clean this jacket and not to put it in the washing machine to preserve the quality of the fabrics.

The Teddy from Ami

The Teddy Ami de Coeur Noir jacket from Ami Paris takes the essentials of everyday life and turns them into a perfectly chic, casual, and timeless wardrobe. The pieces are of excellent quality thanks to carefully selected workshops and the use of natural materials.

For this AMI Teddy, it features the key elements of this iconic piece of men's wardrobe. The torso is made of felt, and the sleeves are made of cowhide leather. The waist, cuffs, and collar are tightened to give this puffed-up appearance to the teddy. A silicone and velvet patch is present on the chest, and the lining is quilted for comfort.

Key information about the Teddy Ami de Coeur Noir jacket:

  • Long Sleeves
  • Button Closure
  • 2 Front Pockets

Main Material Composition:

  • 100% Virgin Wool (Sleeves)
  • 100% Cowhide Leather (Lining)
  • 100% Polyester (Lining)

The Varsity from Ralph Lauren

The Varsity Jacket Green from Polo Ralph Lauren is a short, straight jacket made of cotton. It features a teddy collar, long sleeves, a button closure, and slant pockets. The satin finish, ribbed finishes on the collar, cuffs, and hem, as well as striped bands, add a distinctive touch to this jacket. It has a P patch on the left side of the chest, an inscription on the right side, and embroideries on the back.

Key information about the Varsity Jacket from Ralph Lauren:

  • Front and Back Embroidery
  • Composition: 55% cotton, 45% viscose

The Corazon Varsity Jacket Black from AWAKE NY

Awake NY presents the Corazon Varsity Jacket Black. This jacket features lamb leather sleeves and a wool felt body, along with embroidered chenille patches. It is made in South Korea.

Awake NY, launched in 2012 by designer Angelo Baque, captures the unique spirit and sensibility of New York. Inspired by hip-hop and vintage clothing, the collections pay tribute to the style of that era. Having become a must-have in men's streetwear in just 10 years, the label continues to collaborate with major industry players such as Carhartt WIP, Reebok, and Timberland.

Key information about The Corazon Varsity Jacket from AWAKE NY:

  • Front and Back Embroidery
  • Made in South Korea

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