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If there’s a major collaboration of this spring 2021 not to be missed, it is the one between these two giants of streetwear. The combination of their respective strengths during a capsule collection aims to highlight the African culture and values of unity.

So come on the shop and discover the Patta x Tommy collection, and read this little report, we tell you all about this exclusive drop around pan-Africanism that we are proud to offer.


First collaboration


Since the creation of the brand in 2004, the Dutch label has continued to develop and cultivate a hip-hop spirit, true DNA of the two designers Edson Sabajo and Guillaume Schmidt.

Influential figures of the movement in the Netherlands in the ’90s and 2000s, the duo opened its first store in Amsterdam—which quickly became a must-see place that many visitors rush to discover, then more recently stores in London (Soho) in 2019, as well as in Milan in 2021


They multiply partnerships over time, following success after success, so much so that the slightest announcement of collaboration creates excitement.

We think in particular of invitations to revisit, among others, emblematic shoe models, from ASICS to NIKE, through Adidas, Reebok, Converse … and by associating their image to entire lines of clothing from capsule collections.

Each new partnership is an opportunity for the brand to express its creativity, not only through the products created for the occasion, but also through the promotional campaigns that accompany each launch.

The collaborations are more and more important, the associations more and more prestigious, and the aura of the Dutch group is gaining more and more credibility. Jordan Brand will even involve Neymar JR himself for their latest joint campaign!

It is with Tommy Hilfiger and the brand Tommy Jeans that the next collaborative collection is born.

The opportunity for PATTA to establish a little more its status of streetwear essential by associating with the brand (bought about ten years ago by the group PHV CORP), and by reworking classics of the American designer’s archives.

« Unity is strength, division is weakness »


As you may have noticed, the colors highlighted in the capsule are black, red, and green. The famous Tommy flag even adapts for the moment by abandoning the famous blue, white and red.

The reason is simple: the collection designed in duo aims to celebrate the centenary of the Pan-African movement.

The flag of the movement, with its strong symbolism and history, becomes the central element of the collection. Red symbolizes the blood shed by the people, black represents the children of Africa around the world, while green reflects the wealth that Mother Earth abounds.

It is therefore a real tribute to the cultural diversity and the African diaspora that Patta and Tommy offer us, more than a simple capsule collection. Messages putting forward values of peace and unity are also central elements of the campaign.

To put them in images and celebrate life in the centers of Africa, the teams have collaborated with artists committed to the cause.

Nigerian filmmaker Dafe Oboro directed the short film “Two Become One” in Lagos, Nigeria, and Moroccan visual artist Hassan Hajjaj was commissioned to photograph the campaign.

The result is a very colorful, dynamic and contemporary production, updating and modernizing our relationship with the continent. These productions and the overall aesthetic that emanates from this project are synthesized and presented through an internet platform specially online for the occasion: www.pattaxtommy.com.

A documentary by Frank Zichem, “Katibo Ye Ye”, retracing the journey of a young Surinamese on his journey from Ghana, is visible for a limited time on this site. It served as a source of inspiration for the entire production of the collection and is highlighted through an interview with the director, transcribed on the platform.


The collection is composed of iconic pieces from the Tommy archives, revisited by the PATTA teams. We find flag t-shirts in colors inspired by the pan-African flag, Carpenter pants, crewnecks, a hoodie and jackets, without forgetting the inevitable pack of caps, available in two colors.

We will also note the presence of pieces for children, designed on the same basis. If some items are exclusive to PattaxTommy, almost all of them are available in our online store.

Discover without further delay the whole of this event collection!