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I’ve always dreamed of having a nice pair of boots. Or, to be more precise, I have always dreamed of having “a really good big pair of boots”. A pair that would combine fantasies and regrets. A pair that would evoke the great American countryside, western cowboys, northern lumberjacks, men who tire their shoes through a life of hard work, bad weather, accidents, dirt, and miles of exhausting walking. Living boots, which like the best denims, reflect the life of its wearer, and thus become unique. In a world where quality is less important than notoriety, it is still necessary to find a shoe worthy of the name. A pair that, because of its construction, will withstand all outrages and become yours. Red Wing is the favorite in this game.

red wing shoes
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Unbreakable, and that goes both ways. Unbreakable because a Red Wing shoe has to be earned. Nothing to do with sneakers that can be comfortable at first wear. Great God, you have to break in the rough beast!


It takes a good 2 weeks for the leather to soften and for the insole to start breaking in. Then, the pair already becomes more comfortable. As the weeks and months go by, the leather will soften more and more and will adapt to the shape of your foot. The insole, which will scare the novice by its initial hardness, will also adapt to the shape of your foot. Finally, after this rough, old-fashioned process, the Red Wing will be yours. Perfectly adapted, comfortable as hell, it will be nothing more than heresy to want to take off your shoes.


Then, “unbreakable”, because a Red Wing boot, it lasts in time! You just have to go on the net (the dedicated subreddit for example), to see through a plethora of comments that a pair can easily last several decades. And beware, as mentioned in the intro, these are not boots made to be cuddled! Wear them! Wear them to the office, but also for manual labor, hiking, in the mountains, rain or shine. Red Wings are allies, they don’t belong in a museum showcase.


For all this, we’ll thank American construction, Goodyear stitching, premium materials, and more than 230 manual steps that guarantee Red Wings that will last you a lifetime.

red wing black smith
red wing iron ranger
red wing moc toe

Built to last

Let’s talk about a few emblematic models, and more specifically those of the “heritage” range (the other range being intended for professionals). A classic among classics, the famous Moc Toe with its typical Native American moccasin look. 6 inches high, Goodyear stitching, Vibram crepe sole… Today, 70 years after its creation and its adoption by farmers and hunters, it is a true icon of the boot with a perfectly identifiable silhouette. Bonus point, the “classic moc” is without a doubt the most quickly comfortable model.


Rougher and more ready for adventure, the Iron Ranger comes straight from the Mesabi Iron Range in northern Minnesota. At the feet of miners since the early 1930s, its lined leather toe box provides extra protection while establishing its form in popular culture (Matthew McConaughey wears 8085s in the first part of Interstellar).


Finally, the best of both worlds. A pair of boots for work, for going out, for running away. A pair of boots that can be cleaned to go from the roughest woodsman in the Great North to the most urban of gentlemen. 6 inches, indestructible nitrile cork Vibram outsole, over a century of history and manufacturing in the heart of Minnesota for the most versatile of boots.

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